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8th & 9th Malicious Cases Filed Against Clive

There is no end to the number of false cases the criminal who work for the bankers governments are prepared to file under the color of law. With the State hiring the police, prosecutors & judge, their crime ring is protected. These criminals who work for the State in turn get their salary from the bankers who literally make money out of nothing and operate their private tax collection agencies that ensure the people remain enslaved. 

The 8th & 9th cases were filed against C as he won his lawsuit by default against these criminals who could not answer the charges that were brought against them. You can hear the filthy criminal Judge Michel E. Barton, who was the disgusting scum-bucket who first ordered C not communicate in any way with C's children after the Sheriffs shot at C with his boys right behind him. Their murder attempt having failed, the next effort was to destroy C by violently kidnapping C's children and holding them hostage, still to this day.

You can hear the criminal Barton being handed a Grand Jury Indictment for his crimes from links on this page:

The question we all need to ask is what to do with thees Judges, Cops & Prosecutors that commit kidnap, grand theft, murder & high-treason? What would you do to someone who kidnapped you children?

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