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"Lying" Judge James Ware Dismisses Cases

In a Depleted Uranium hearing conducted in the San Jose U.S. District Court just prior to Liberty For Life's founder second lawsuit against the State of California hearing, Judge James Ware claimed that he had no subject matter jurisdiction and dismissed the case.

As all citizens of the U.S. will be accountable for the war crimes our government has committed by using depleted uranium in weapons around the world, all citizens are Real Parties of Interest and liable.  Judge Ware's claim of a lack of subject matter jurisdiction is baseless.  In that hearing Judge Ware missed out on an opportunity to issue an order that would prevent what will amount in time to many millions of further deaths from this American holocaust. 

When it came to the Founders case which was filed pursuant to the 11th Amendment that specifically eliminates judicial power, lying Judge James Ware who had no subject matter jurisdiction because of the 11th Amendment, assumed subject matter jurisdiction, and went on to dismiss the case before any further hearings could be heard.

Lying Judge James Ware got his name from the lies he told in many formal talks across the country.  Ware told the heart wrenching story of how his brother was shot off the handlebars of his bicycle in racial unrest in Alabama.  It turns out that Judge James Ware was telling a lie, his brother was not shot off the handlebars of his bicycle, that happened to a completely different Mr. Ware who is not even related to Judge James Ware.

When Liberty For Life Founder Clive Boustred informed Judge Ware that the sheriffs had literally attempted to blow his head off in front of his children.  Ware asked Clive if he was on drugs.  Ware did not dismiss the case but scheduled a further hearing.  When Ware discovered that Clive was telling the truth he quickly issued an order dismissing Clive's case before the next hearing.


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