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Destroying The State of Peace. Liberty For Life Founder Sentenced to Nine Years.

Liberty For Life Founder, Clive Boustred, who bares splitting image of Thomas Jefferson, physically, politically and spiritually, has been sentenced by blackmail to nine years four months and ordered to not even file motions seeking any parental rights to his children. This government who literally unlawfully attempted to blow Clive's head off with his children in the direct line of fire has ordered that Clive not even be allowed to send his son's card telling him he loves them. The state of the Judiciary, District Attorneys, Sheriffs and administrative agents in the US could not be of lower moral character, this government is a terrorist enterprise engaged in outright war against citizens who speak the truth or seek to free the masses.  These are the 8th and 9th malicious prosecutions filed against Clive since the government attempted to murder Clive in front of his children.

"To the warmonger and terrorist, the one who preaches love is a terrorist and ‘war criminal’ because they kill war." - SOC - the Sayings of Clive


The Case For Administrative Assault and Assassination

On the day Governors across the Nation were served Grand Jury Indictments by the Guardians of the Free Republics, Judge Michael E. Barton one of the primary defendants in the ongoing lawsuits prosecuted against Santa Cruz County, California and the US corporate government for conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, assault, kidnap, battery, malicious prosecution, fraud, treason and other extremely serious criminal charges, without due process, lawful authority or jurisdiction, had Clive shackled and sent to jail on a six year sentence in a chicken-court execution stile judgment and sentence.  Three hours later Barton had Clive still in shackles brought back into court and told Clive that either he would immediately go to jail for six years or be let out if Clive signed a blackmail plea-bargain sentence of nine years four months in prison, stayed on a five year go-to-jail probation and more than a year in county jail following appeal.

Barton and District Attorney Bob Lee's actions could not even be described as 'acting under the color of law', these criminals simply commit crime out in open court. Clearly Barton did not want the case to go to trial. Barton and Lee did not even have any 5th Amendment mandated Grand Jury indictment or presentment granting then any right to prosecute Clive for blatantly false charges they filed against him to silence crimes they committed.  Clive on the other hand, had Barton and Lee indicted.

Clearly there is something very rotten in the State Courts.  Click here to hear the blackmail hearing.

The cases against Clive could not be a more fitting demonstration of how utterly out of control the US courts and government have become.  Without any lawful authority or right, the government has literally shot at Clive and his children and maliciously prosecuted this poor man from a leadership position in technology into abject poverty.

What is particularly interesting in Clive’s case apart from Clive’s uncanny resemblance of Thomas Jefferson, is that Clive was probably doing everything Jefferson would have done had he come back to America in this age.  Clive was not only deploying a banking system that could have prevented the depression, he was deploying high-quality free education to the world.

If you believe in reincarnation, this case will have you intrigued. Clive’s cases cross all the major areas of national and worldwide corruption.


USA Assassination Nation

Michael E. Barton is the Santa Cruz Superior Court judge who slapped a bail ten times the recommended limit on Clive and ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with Clive’s children following Santa Cruz Sheriff Shooting Instructor, Michael MacDonald, literally without rime or reason other than intent to murder, ran up to Clive’s vehicle as Clive returned home from the courthouse and shot at Clive from a range of five to seven feet.  Clive’s children, who were in Clive’s stationary vehicle, were also in the deputy’s direct line of fire.  As the first shot missed, Sgt. Amy Christy who was on the scene prevented MacDonald from taking his second shot. See:

Following the attempt on Clive's life, Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee filed the first of what now amounts to more than nine outrageously malicious prosecutions against Clive.  Lee charged Clive, who the sheriffs shot at, with “Assault with a deadly weapon”, “child endangerment” and for driving ‘feloniously’ down a private road at 27 mph endangering property and people who were not there, fleeing a non-existent chase. Lee also charged Clive for ‘freezing’ when the Sheriffs violently assaulted Clive following the failed assassination attempt. Lee and his Ass. Stephen Drottar said that because Clive froze when Deputy Brozosowiski drilled his knuckle into the nape of Clive’s neck and crushed Clive’s wrist with a handcuff, that Clive somehow “resisted arrest”.

After assaulting him and violently throwing Clive in their patrol car, Clive witnessed the gunman MacDonald chasing down his three year old son William who was running for his life. MacDonald scooped up William like a rag doll and carried him kicking and screaming out of sight. Later the Sheriffs paraded the boys who by then were in a zombie like state of shock past their dad who was locked in a patrol car and handed the boys to a man the court psychiatrist had recommended and it was ordered, have no contact with Clive's children.

In an utterly sham trial presided over by a nationally renowned criminal who was twice rated as non qualified by the official Judicial Nominations Committee, former DA, Judge Art Danner, Clive was sent immediately to jail for a six months sentence for driving at 27 mph down his private road, calling the act a felony.  Despite filing an appeal, Clive was held in jail for the sentence without right to bail. Regardless, all appellate levels of the courts maintained that driving at 27 mph down a private road was a felony. Deputy MacDonald, the assassin, has been promoted to Sergeant.

Clearly this government specializes in “opposite speak”. They accuse the victim of the crimes they commit and award criminals.

After baring arms against Clive and his children this government sentenced Clive to jail for owning lawfully purchased arms and for proving the government committed crimes against him and his children.


InfoTelesys’ State Of Peace, a Threat To The Old-‘NWO’?

Clive, a leading Silicon Valley technologist, was building a world-wide 91 satellite next-generation Internet, banking, education and media system.  It is speculated that the reason behind the extreme and outrageously violent assaults on Clive by the government, is that the network Clive’s company InfoTelesys was building, not only threatened the Federal Reserve Bank monetary system fraud, InfoTelesys’ education system and one gigabit per second media channel could potentially break the Old New World Order oligarchy’s control of the masses.

Having architected some of the world’s largest networks, satellites and banking systems, Clive and his InfoTelesys team were obviously a serious threat.

The first sign of an outright collusion to eliminate Clive and his company InfoTelesys, followed the mainstream media censorship when InfoTelesys was handed Space Station Mir by the Russian Duma

InfoTelesys State of Peace Project would ordinarily have been world-wide headline news, which CNN New Anchor Miles O'Brien described as “The most fascinating story he had ever heard”. However, amazingly the groundbreaking technology and exciting story received no mainstream media coverage despite the official Russian Duma proclamation granting InfoTelesys the rights to Space Station Mir.

"Mir" is Russian for "Peace".

While Clive was inking the Mir deal with the Duma in Russia, Allan Greenspan the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank crashed the stock market with his ‘irrational exuberance' speech.

With traditional funding sources crashed, Clive turned to the White House“It was like dealing with a Black hole” Clive said regarding his dealings with the White House, “We had a Senator deliver the proposal to convert Space Station Mir into a Communications Satellite and give all the glory to the White House.  It would have done wonders for Russian and American relations, however while acknowledging receiving our proposal, they would not even make a comment.  If a child sends a letter to the White House, they get a response."  At that stage, Clive points out, he was not aware of who ran the White House.

Reflecting the astonishing innovation that has followed his career path, in ten days while Russia delayed the destruction of Space Station Mir, Clive and his team built a next-generation online trading system and the initial InfoTelesys Get IT Bank, which in of itself should have made headline news, however that too was completely censored.


California’s “No-Fault” Divorce Should Interrupt Any Company

Shortly after the censorship of InfoTelesys and the company’s global one-gigabit per second IT-I2™ network, Stefan Tichatschke, a Czechoslovakian born and Communist East Germany educated ‘investor’, approached InfoTelesys seeking employment.  With no available positions suitable for Tichatschke’s qualifications, Tichatschke paid fifty five thousand dollars for the privilege of serving as Clive’s Personal Assistant. Within a few months Tichatschke started an affair with Clive’s wife Anamaria.

William Clive’s youngest son was the one to blow the whistle on Anamaria’s adulterous affair with Tichatschke. At first Clive attempted to save his nineteen year marriage, however after catching Anamaria shaking little William, Clive decided for divorce and filed for divorce after Anamaria made her first false CPS and 911 calls. The couple was ordered to undergo an intensive Level II Custody examination with the Court Psychiatrist who after the investigation recommended Clive be the custodial parent.  The couple stipulated to the psychiatric custody recommendation which was placed in an order and Clive was ordered to pay out Anamaria for their family home within thirty days.

The shock of divorce over and the children settled into living with their dad, within eight months Clive had InfoTelesys’ first revenue generating vertical, Get IT Real ready for launch.


If No-Fault Divorce Can Do It, How About No-Fault Murder?

Get IT Real, a real estate technology company managed by some of Silicon Valley’s top real estate executives, utilized InfoTelesys’ ultra high speed IT-I2™ next generation internet to deliver on-demand DVD and HDTV quality videos of homes and business in what was a pre-cursor to a Google Earth type application.  It was in 2003 when the first Get IT Real office prepared to open in Carmel, that the government's "Harvey Oswald" ran up to Clive’s car and attempted to blow Clive's head off in front of his children.

“When someone shoot’s at you, it gets your attention.  You tend to study why.” says Clive whose investigations into whom and what is behind the government, are starting to make waves across the Nation.

With an extensive section on how the “Evil Fed Bankdestabilizes the US and worldwide economy, and publishing articles on the web site with titles like “Dishonest Abe Lincoln’s Lies Destroyed the USA and Enslaved the World”, Clive shows how we have been lied to regarding history.

The expose of the corruption of legal process and how it related back to the 1812 war and burning of the Library of Congress in 1814, titled “BAR BAR Black Sheep Burn Down The White House Take US To War.” paints a perspective that is hard to deny and has history professors rethinking what they teach. It also has honest lawyers wondering who they serve.

Often hitting number one Google spot, Clive’s article on “Concentration Camps in America” fully documents the irrefutable evidence along with all the supporting documentation of the clear move to take the US through what the bankers took Germany and Russia through.

In another article quoting the US DOJ and the International Prison Studies statistics, Clive illustrates graphically how the US is by far the World’s Worst Prison State.



A man of solutions, after studying in detail the problems facing the Nation, Clive Founded CopperCards, an organization that teaches legal rights and establishes community for we the people to stand together to protect our rights.

It was only two months after officially launching CopperCards, that defendants in Clive’s lawsuit against Santa Cruz County had Clive evicted from his home, stripped of all his assets and again ordered that he not communicate in any way with his children.  Defendant DA Bob Lee filed six false felonies founded on the claim that Clive committed a misdemeanor by not obeying defendant Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph’s order evicting Clive from Clive’s home on the very day Joseph and his co-defendants, including Lee and Barton, filed to get themselves dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against them.

The Guardians of the Free Republics Grand Jury Indictments that made headline news in April 2010, mirror at a State level the CopperCards County Cleanup Program Clive had proposed a year earlier.  Clive put together the site and brought across his CopperCards team to assist in the peaceful Restore America Plan.

Clearly the Court could not cater for Clive’s candor, law after all had to be broken by biased judges like Barton and conniving DA’s like Lee otherwise they may go to jail for the crimes they commit!

The Abandonment of Law. Servants Crowning Themselves Sovereign.

Examine any of the cases the government filed against Clive and you will see absurdities and corruption that shocks the conscience.  When he managed to get Federal Court to Issue an Order to Show Cause as to why the Santa Cruz Court sent Clive to jail for six months for driving at 27 mph down a private road, and to find the reason the Sheriffs shot at Clive, Santa Cruz County simply responded with a “Notice of Non Interest”.

Ask Bernanke or Obama where the trillions of dollars they handed out went, and they simply say they don’t know. Clearly public servants today believe their criminal actions cannot be questioned.

It did not take long for Federal Court Judges to start breaking the law in Clive’s case, they literally put in writing that they and their colleagues in government could not be held accountable for criminal acts.  The judges literally crowned themselves and their colleagues as sovereign with sovereign immunity.

Sovereign immunity is claiming God himself crows you King or Queen placing you on the throne and thus because you are God's chosen, you are capable of doing no wrong. In America are they not meant to be Public Servants?

Recognizing that the blatantly illegal orders filed against him were patently void on their face, all Clive needed was to find a single honest judge in the Nation to dismiss the void orders.  Sending out requests across the Nation asking if anyone knew a single honest judge, the repeated response Clive got back was laughter.


Criminal Government

Today in America there is no law, our government is nothing less than a band of filthy criminals.  When you examine the facts, the US is by orders of magnitude, not only the Worlds Worst Prison State, the US actively commits violent terrorist acts throughout the world murdering millions of innocent people every year.  The ecological disasters the US causes, such as the eighteen million gallons of poison so toxic it literally strips all vegetation, dumped out in the open on Vietnam, is making it’s way to the ocean.  The two thousand tones of nuclear waste the US blasted into the Gulf region in the form of “DU” is unmatched and unmitigated in devastation, perhaps only trumped today by the current Chemtrails.  The half-life of the ‘DU’ is a mere four and a half billion years.

How, we have to ask, have citizens of this Nation become so callous and ignorant of what they are directly responsible of funding and supporting by their inaction?  Is it because the State runs the schools, or is it because we have a band of foreigners making money out of nothing and providing gifts of funny-fiat-money credit to whomever they choose while taxing the rest of us into Lincoln’s involuntary servitude and slavery?

Meyer Amchel Rothschild said "Let me issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes its laws"

Thomas Jefferson said “I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies". Today in America, we have both.

Jefferson warned us that "If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency.. the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” This year three million families will loose their homes to bankers who literally made the money they lent them out of nothing, last year more than two million families lost their homes. On top of that crime, OBsama bailed out the very banksters who caused the depression with trillion dollar gifts.

If Thomas Jefferson were alive and on earth today, would he do anything different to what Clive has and is doing?  Surely this government would attempt to assassinate and incarcerate Jefferson just as they have Clive.

Perhaps the question is how many current Americans would come to rescue Jefferson, or would they simply carry on drinking the fluoridated water and watching the lies on TV?


Public Servants Crucify Savior In Santa Cruz

Public Servants in the US should fear their masters we the people, however, clearly as demonstrated by people like Michael E. Barton, Irwin Joseph and Bob Lee who were indicted by Grand Juries, this gang called our government, has reached a point where crime is rewarded and anyone with a solution is hung on an unholy cross in corrupt courts.

Should the Guardians of the Free Republic’s have to rely on military backing to enforce Civilian Grand Jury Indictments, or should the masses rise up and arrest people like Barton, Lee, Bernanke and Obama?  Certainly, waiting for politicians or Bar lawyers to ruin their crime syndicate, is not going to get us anywhere.

With a minuscule fraction of what the government waists, Clive, InfoTelesys and CopperCards could provide a stable non-fraudulent banking and monetary system, a fair court system, community and free education. However how can Clive or anyone operate in a nation where the government shoots at you, falsely imprison you, steals your home and kidnaps and holds your children hostage?


Clive the Prolific Soulutionist, the name of Clive’s consultancy, reflects much of the essence of this interesting character called Clive.  Strategy appears to be Clive’s forte, give him any problem and he will come up with a solution.

When discussing the problems in the US with his friend Daniel Sheehan, both men recognized the obvious problem we face with the various philosophies and religions of life.  Daniel, who was once the Chief Counsel for the Jesuits in the US, pointed out that the Church had a problem, that their story that “God made us”, was being challenged.  “Who made God?”, was the problem.

Naturally the Origin of Species and Big Bang hypotheses have the same problem: “Who made the primordial soup?” and “Where did the energy come from for the Big Bang?”.  Furthermore, these last two philosophies contradict the laws of the energy, enthalpy and entropy.

Enthalpy and entropy prove scientifically that every system tends towards minimum energy and maximum randomness.  You don’t get something out of noting or order out of chaos.

As the legal counsel for Sychen the great translator of the Sumerian texts, Daniel raised the obvious problem from the perspective of recognizing that even if man was genetically engineered by the Anunnaki, the question remains as to “who or what made the Anunnaki?”, it’s the same problem. Daniel asked Clive what he could come up with.

Holding honors in material science from the prestigious Loughborough University of Technology in England, Clive who had written on the subject of thermodynamics discrediting the Origin of Species and Big Bang hypotheses, tackled the ‘religious’ and philosophical question from an engineering perspective.  Clive came up with what he named the Origin of Everything:

"Love manifests life which manifests energy which manifests matter, in time and space."
   - CLive. Live, Love Oppose Evil.
Dedicated to Richard & William.

Clive’s Origin of Everything thesis shows that we have looked at things the wrong way around.  "In the past, we looked at matter and asked how life and man came from matter, it’s the other way around” says Clive, “Life itself provides the energy that overcomes enthalpy and entropy.  Life is the force that produced matter. The question then becomes “What or who produced life?”"

Love, Clive postulates, is a force that exists outside of time and space and the material realm, love simply is.  “Love is the positive force behind life.  Evil is the negative force which breaks it down.  Thus, the universe expands with love and contracts with evil.  Life is manifest from love.”  Love thus, according to Clive and almost all the religions and ancient texts, is God.

Clive dedicated the Origin of Everything thesis to his sons Richard & William, whom the Santa Cruz County government has ordered that Clive have absolutely no contact with, not even to tell his sons that he loves them.

Clive hopes his sons recall, while Clive was allowed his most rudimentary rights as a parent up until the time the government tried to murder him in front of his boys, two sayings he imparted to his sons “Never, never, never give up” and “We can fix anything”. Even, it appears from Clive’s perspective, the American government and the world.

Clive is currently writing a book titled “Soulisim”.  “Religion and money is the root of all evil. With religion good men can be made to do bad things, with fiat-money, evil men fund them.  Both must go. It is time we started practicing 'love your neighbor as yourself' instead of preaching it.” says Clive.

Liberty For Life


Visit, and today and sign up with the many thousands of American’s who have simply had enough.

To Help Clive Sign Up With The Committee To Return Clive's Children To Their Dad -

Contact numbers and names to call are listed here: help_clive_and_boys

Clive who vowed not to cut his hair till he received justice, is pictured with his boys Richard and William and their home below. Clive has not been allowed to send his son’s birthday or Christmas cards or even tell them he loves them since the defendants in the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against the State literally stole his multimillion dollar home and threw him in jail so they could get the case against them dismissed in September of 2008.

Ever since the Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of his children in 2003, Clive has not been able to even see or speak to his sons from Monday to Friday every week.  Principle amongst those committing the assault against Clive is his adulterous ex-wife Anamaria Damas Tichatschke.

Santa Cruz Judges Heater Morse, John Salazar, Samuel S. Stevens, Michael E. Barton, Robert B. Atack and Commissioner Irwin Joseph, District Attorney Bob Lee his Ass’ Stephen Drottar, Jeffery Randolph, Gretchen Brock along with a hoard of other criminal public servants have no qualms demonstrating that there is neither law, morals, integrity, justice or the slightest element of human decency or kindness in the courts in America. 

Extensive studies of the legal system such as the San Jose Mercury News Tainted Trials Stolen Justice series in which law professors across the nation examined more than 700 appellate cases proving there is not even any hope for an appeal.

Public servants in the US have crowned themselves sovereign and proclaimed their right to commit murder, to kidnap children and steal whatever they want with sovereign immunity.

Mainstream media refuses to publish anything truthful regarding Clive, please forward this News Mail to friends and associates, it is the only way the story will get out.


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