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Judge Michael E. Barton Kidnap's & Holds Hostage Clive's Children

As soon as Judge Michel E. Barton learned that the Santa Cruz Sheriffs Shooting Instructor Michael MacDonald had literally shot at Clive and Clive's children, Barton ordered that Clive not be allowed to communicate in any way with his little boys. The Sheriffs and Court then handed Clive's sons to the very man their own Court Psychatrists had recommened have no contact with Clive's children, Stefan Tichatschke. Barton and Judges Samuel S. Stevens, Robert B. Atack, John Salazar and Commissioner Irwin Joseph flat out ignored the Court Psychiatrists recommendatinos and that Stipulated Court Order baring Tichatschke from any contact with Clive's children and instead orderd that Clive who had committed no crime and is an outstanding father have no contact with his sons. Barton went as far as even baring Clive's father, the boys grandfather from haveing any contact with his grandsons. One month after holding Clive's boys hostage Ass. DA Stephen Drotar and Investigator Lindsay interrogated Clive's seven year old son in an attempt to trick Richard into acting as a false witness agaisnt his father

The behaviour of Michel E. Barton, the Sheriffs, Drottar and the DA Bob Lee shocks the concience. These public servants are literally using their position of authority to kidnap and hold hostage innocent children. Barton's order barring Clive from any contact with his sons is show below. Later when Barton and his co-criminals saught to get the case Clive was prosecuting against him dismissed they again arrested Clive falsely and again ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with his little boys. When the government resorts to kidnap and hostage taking of children, it is time to rise up and remove them from office.

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