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Government Continues Assault on Clive
- Reverse Date Order

More updates shortly - the governments & BAR Association courts continue their relentless assault on C. In the latest assault, C's collar bone was broken by a cop who also tried to crush both of C's hands. Two bones in C's left hand were crushed, his right hand survived. C's possessions & evidence of crimes committed by the government in the U.S. have been literally stolen by the South African equivalent of the IRS, SARS. The Freemason Gang who controls the courts world wide needs to be eliminated.  All of C's websites were also shut down.

On 22nd March 2010 at 10:00am in Department B (Judge Michael E. Barton), One Second Street, Watsonville Court, Santa Cruz, CA, The government blackmailed LFL Founder Clive by sentencing him to six years in prison without a trial, for crimes they committed against Clive and his children.

Monday 1st Feb 2010 at 8:30am Department D, Watsonville Court, Santa Cruz - Clive's Motion to allowed Clive to 'love his children' was denied again.

The government has shot at Clive in front of his children, and attempted on at least three other occasions to assassinate Clive. They have repeatedly thrown Clive in jail on ridiculous charges stolen his estate home and kidnapped his children.  Perhaps it would be a good idea for your own safety to understand why.

See Menu on left for links to key information - the Summary Writ is a good place to start.  The Habeas- Plea gives more details.

What's Really Going On? Background and why the government is after Clive.

The section below gives readers an update on the latest assaults in reverse chronological order.

The Malicious Prosecution of Clive section links some of the documents - keeping this site up to date is naturally difficult especially considering the outrageous nature of Santa Cruz County's assault on LFL's Chairman.

Get active join The Earth Plan & Peopleisim

To Get A Perspective Of The Nature Of These Criminals Consiser This Evidence: commissioner_irwin_josephs_crimes

Perhaps its a good idea for your your own safety to understand what is going on in the Nation.  If the government can get away with the crimes they are committing against Clive, no-one is safe.

The government continues to order Clive to not even communicate with his beloved sons shown with Clive below or go within 100 yards of his own home!  The boys mother Anamaria Tichatschke is the primary linchpin and her evil advocate Vicky Parry along with Commissioner Irwin Joseph being the chief kidnappers.
Slideshow image
See About LFL Resume Clive Boustred and Background Video for further information on Clive Boustred and InfoTelesys and visit CopperCards site for more information on Clive 
People You can Contact to Help Clive & Boys
Clive needs a lawyer who can get rid of corrupt judges - please contact if you are a lawyer who can help collect damages and recover Clive's children and home.

Dec 02, 2009

Judge Michael E. Barton today again upheld the order that Clive may not in any way communicate with Clive�s two little boys Richard and William.


Barton also ignored videos from Clive's boys pleading to live with their dad and the fact that their mothers lover kicked William in the eye.

See: William kicked in the eye by Stefan Tichatscke who the court psychiatrist recommended and the court ordered and it was stipulated to have no contact with William or Richard.


The last birthday William was allowed to have with his dad:



Richard flying a plane with his dad:

The last christmas Clive was allowed to have with his boys - Consider that the Christmans before, Clive sent 5,000 postcards to Santa Cruz Reseidents telling about how horrific and criminal the Courts are. The Judges made sure Clive could not even send his sons a Christmans card the next Christmans and are now making sure Clive cannot spend them a card this Christmas. We need to ask what level of depravity our Courts have reached when they order fathers to not tell their sons they love them!


Clive's adulterous ex-wife  Anamaira, Judge Barton, Commissioner Irwin Joseph and other judges in Santa Cruz Superior court and Federal Court maintain that Clive may not in any way communicate with his sons because they say Clive is a flight risk.

  After Santa Cruz Sheriffs  literally attempt ed to blow Clive�s head off in front of his children, Michael E. Barton ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with his children. Five years later Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph again ordered that Clive not communicate with his children when he along with Judges, Sheriffs and the DA Clive was suing, placed Clive under false arrest for the sixth time while they got Clive�s lawsuit against them dismissed. see :Comm. Irwin Joseph's Crimes


Having dispatched the last false cases DA Bob Lee filed against him, there is not even a fictitious basis for the government�s outrageous and illegal order that Clive not even tell his sons he loves them.  The Court however, still refuses to lift the no-contact order which is equivalent by all legal and practical standards to the criminal kidnap of Clive�s children.


When the government reaches such an extraordinarily corrupt level, are fellow citizens obliged to stand against the tyranny?

�First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out�because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out�because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out�because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me�and there was no one left to speak out for me.�

- Pastor Martin Niem�ller about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

You were a child and you may be a parent.  Will you speak out for Clive and his children?


After baring arms against Clive and his children they sentenced Clive to six months in jail for driving at 27 mph down his private road; ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with his children; stole Clive�s home and wiped out Clive�s business� and career, then sought to send Clive to prison for nine and a half years because Clive owned lawfully purchased guns!


If the government can get away with what they are doing to Clive, what will they do to you?



Help Clive by republishing this email, by calling the Santa Cruz Superior Court and County and demanding they follow the law and return Clive�s children to him and cease and desist from maliciously prosecuting Clive and other victims.  Help Clive & Boys


Judge Michael E. Barton's number: (831) 786-7200 email

Santa Cruz Superior Court Email:;;


Santa Cruz DA Bob Lee's number: (831) 454-2400 email - :


Clive will return to the Superior Court on Friday 4th December 2009, at 1:00 pm Department D - One Second Street Watsonville California to demand the court return his children. 

If you can come along, show your support.  We will be meeting afterwards to discuss and organize the Indictment of Barton, Lee and Joseph.


Learn the law! If you don�t know the law you don�t have any. 

Form Grand Juries indict and arrest corrupt public servants.


Are the Courts in the US worse than they were in Jefferson's Day?

Blackmail Works - March 30, 2009

Judge Barton asked Clive if he had been threatened or coerced into pleading "no contest" to three of the six false felonies the District Attorney had filed against Clive while they held Clive in jail under false arrest and got the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against himself, the sheriffs and the DA dismissed - well Barton never put in the details, he simply asked if Clive had been blackmailed, well, Barton never used the term blackmail....
Clive's response was that apart from sheriffs pulling out automatic weapons to shoot him, apart from his home being stolen and his children being kidnapped and held hostage, that other than that and other things, there had been no threats today.  Barton accepted Clive's plea but held off sentencing Clive till February 3, 2010. Presumably so that he can let things cool down and continue the assault while no one is looking.
Clive was told that he will not be thrown in jail until his appeal is fully heard. Barton will sentence Clive on February 3rd 2010, were he says he can sentence Clive up to eight years in prison, however if he sentences Clive to more than a year in jail, he says Clive can withdraw my plea and go to trial...  If according to his assailants, Clive breaks some law, while on their probation they will send Clive to jail without any trial (it makes no difference here anyway, they have repeatedly thrown Clive in jail for no legal reason anyway).
The DA dropped the other two false cases they were holding against Clive incase they were unsuccessful with this case, including the case which is the underlying foundation to the charges in this case.  Clive's appeal will address amongst other things, the fact that Irwin Joseph never had any jurisdiction nor any right to evict Clive from Clive's home the day he filed to get himself, Barton, Lee, Stevens, Atack and the other band of criminals who were assaulting Clive dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against them.  And again, the claim that driving at 27 mph down a private road is not a felony nor any crime.  Clive has about a 98% chance of failure in the 6th Appellate District which is also notoriously corrupt.  See the San Jose Mercury News Tainted Trials Stolen Justice analysis of the Appellate court.
Clive has already placed his ex-wife, Anamaria the adulteress, and her Lawyer Vicky Parry, on notice that there will be an Exparte hearing on Wednesday to have his boys returned.
We will see on Wednesday what Judge John Salazar or whoever is in the Watsonville court, determines.  We will see whether they are still going to hold Clive's children hostage and bar Clive from communicating in any way with his little boys, because according to them Clive was a 'flight risk'... 

Here the government assaults a man, kidnaps his children, steals his home, files multiple false charges against the man then accuses him of being a flight risk and bars him from telling his children he loves them.

Is this justice in the US?
Thanks again to all of you who sent encouragement!
Last night, not knowing if he would be sent to jail for another false charge (as is the constant fear Clive lives under every day in Santa Cruz California), Clive published a new section on the Liberty For Life site addressing issues and liability every US citizen faces.  A friend once suggested that Clive advocated his rights to his children because Clive never bent over backwards and let the sheriffs, judges and DA screw him up the ass, he suggested that Clive was to blame.  The question to ask in this regard is if the children and parents in these censored images also to blame?  see US Contributions - US Tax Payer Liability
All the core constructs to Novus Ordo Seclorum, the New Order of the Ages (NOA) represented in the United States of America have been lost.  As a consequence, innocent people across the US and around the world are suffering unimaginable agony.  Is there anyone out there willing to fight with to get the Constitution back? 

Clive who has literally had everything stolen from him by the government and driven into bankruptcy is offering his expert consulting services.

These criminals under the color of law have stolen everything from Clive, his children, home, companies and all his assets, leaving Clive penniless.  If anyone needs strategic consultation, Clive would be happy to assist. The strategic consultation Clive provided has helped many of the worlds top companies successfully re-architect their direction. Visit


March 30th, 2009

Clive is seeking a continuance as his lawyer has not been able to serve summons on all the witnesses.  There is a good chance that Judge Michael E. Barton, one of the primary defendants in the lawsuits Clive was and is prosecuting against Santa Cruz will ignore the law and start the trial on Tuesday - If he does it is important to have people there witnessing these criminal acts by judges, DA's and sheriffs.


Trial Scheduled To Start - Trial Readiness Hearing Monday 10:00 am 30 Nov, 2009

Despite no mandatory Grand Jury indictment or presentment, on Monday 30th, 2009 Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee and his Ass Gretchen Brock will start the trial for the ninth malicious case filed against Clive Boustred since the Santa Cruz Sheriffs Shooting Instructor Michael Macdonald attempted to murder Clive by shooting at him from a range of five to seven feet (with Clive's children in the direct line of fire two feet behind Clive). 

Judge Michael E. Barton, whom Clive has twice sued and who refused to even make any appearances in the cases Clive brought against him, will be presiding over the case.  Barton is the judge who immediately ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with Clive's children when he learned that the sheriffs had shot at Clive and Clive's children.  Barton also ordered Clive's father not to communicate with his grandchildren.  Barton claims that he will not be impartial despite having twice been sued by Clive and despite the fact that Clive has published more than thirty articles calling Barton every filthy name you could image a father would call the man who kidnapped his children.

Call the following numbers: Help Clive & Boys


Wed 30, 2009 - Clive indefinitely barred from any communication with his children.

Latest Santa Cruz Court Action: On Wednesday 30, 2009 Clive was completely barred from any communications with his children indefinitely by Judge John Salazar who would not even allow Clive to send his sons another card saying that he loves his sons!  Read More;

In the previous hearing, for the first time in more than a year, Clive was allowed to send cards to his boys (Card to Richard - Card to William). Clive does not even know if his boys ever received their cards because he is not allowed to communicate with his sons!  In this hearing Salazar got up and walked out of the court room not even allowing Clive to send Clive's sons another card saying he loves them (2nd Card to Richard the Court would not allow - 2nd Card to William the Court would not allow). Read More;

NEWS RELEASE: Saturday night August 22, 2009, Santa Cruz Sheriffs armed with automatic assault weapons and dressed in riot gear setup another ambush for Clive at a famous Vineyard in Santa Cruz.  This is at least the 4th Assassination attempt on Clive's life since Santa Cruz�s Sheriffs Shooting Instructor Michael MacDonald shot at Clive from a point blank range with Clive's children in the direct line of fire on March 10, 2003.

Read MORE- Clive's Account.

JUDGE SIMONS FORCED TO DECLARE HER TRIAL OF CLIVE A FRAUD! - Mistrial declared - now Santa Cruz DA Bob Lee and Judge Robert B. Atack want to try Clive again for the 6th false arrest. !!! - The Criminals in Santa Cruz Government are going all out to lock Clive up on false charges for the rest of Clive's life!

Censored Presentation From Santa Cruz Superior Court's April 09 Sham Trial  The case was simple.  Clive properly identified himself, exercised his right to refuse requests.  Clive obeyed all orders.  The video even shows the cops assaulting Clive, yet the trial went forward with a shill (that's a guy hired by the government to fix the jury) and Clive was found 'guilty' despite clear and convincing evidence of Clive's innocence. - Check back for more evidence of sham trial to be posted shortly..  LATEST: The Ass. DA Jeffery Randolph submitted fraudulent Jury Instructions to guarantee Clive would be found guilt even though he is innocent! Ass DA Fraud

July 27, 2009 Update

Special thanks to the team who came to Watsonville Superior Court - on Monday 20th at 1:30 pm Dept A and again on Wednesday at 8:30 am Dept D to support Clive
The Court is located at One Second Street Watsonville, CA 
- Take 3rd exit off Hwy 1 to Watsonville (next to the old fixer-upper house in field)
- Second traffic light turn left, court house & county building is on the right, you can't miss it.
Note the Court is bounced the hearings between Watsonville and Santa Cruz, and changed the dates and times of hearings to make sure people could not support Clive - despite bouncing the date around a number of supporters managed to make the date.  Special thanks to the team who came along especially Kate Wells!

On Monday, the dishonorable and disgraceful Judge Michael E. Barton who was the judge who threw Clive in jail after the Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of Clive's children and who originally ordered that Clive not communicate in any way with Clive's children a despicable kidnap of the most disgusting kind.  Barton literally threw the victim of a murder attempt in jail, then kidnapped the victims children and handed the children to a man who was barred from any contact with Clive's children.  Barton is an example of a level of depravity seldom seen in any court system.  Clive prepared the Motion to dismiss this criminal from presiding over the 8th and 9th malicious prosecutions the State filed against Clive after their assassination attempt on Clive's life failed.  Barton presiding unlawfully over the hearing came right out and said that if Clive submitted the Motion to Dismiss he was going to ignore it and proceed into a sham trial. When Clive's lawyer David Beauvais pointed out to Barton that he had twice been sued by Clive and that he certainly supports the motion to dismiss even if it were not the words he would use.  Barton reluctantly said he would send the motion to dismiss to an out of county judge to determine if he was entitled to judge the 8th and 9th cases filed against Clive.  The response will show the court for what is it.  There is no way in hell Barton could possibly act impartially.

On Thursday 23rd another support team joined Clive along with Kate Wells.  Kate testified before Judge Salazar that she had placed the Sheriffs on notice that Commissioner Irwin Joseph's order evicting Clive from Clive's home on the very day Joseph filed to have himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against Joseph was clearly and obviously void.  The crime committed by Joseph was placed fairly and squarely in front of Salazar.  Salazar who is responsible under the law to initiate the investigation of Joseph and the immediate dismissal of Joseph's criminal acts and orders, instead chose to break the law.

Vicky Parry, Clive's ex Anamaria's lawyer who Anamaria said knew all the judges and could do anything, moved to get Salazar to hand over all the proceeds from the illegal sale of Clive's home which the County stole from Clive.  Anamaria, at this point in the proceedings felt that tears would assist, screwing up her face she squeezed out tears while Parry lied to the court claiming that Clive had threatened Anamaria, which is getting a little ridiculous in this six year divorce, particularly considering Anamaria made the false 911 calls that got the sheriffs to attempt to murder Clive, that was after she stole the million dollar life insurance policy on Clive's head...   Anamaria's first attempts of accusing Clive did not go as well.  After she called CPS on Clive and CPS left without doing anything, the next week in 2002 she tried calling 911 claiming that Clive was 'assaulting her' but she blew it when she mixed up her instructions and told the sheriffs that rushed up to Clive's home that Clive had disconnected the phone. When Clive asked the sheriffs how Anamaira had called them if he had disconnected the phone, the sheriffs realized left without doing anything.  Clearly these 'Family Courts' have turned into pathetic show rooms where lies and deception rule.  Making a movie about this case would extend the viewers perception of reality and would make most soap opera's look tame......  When one considers that Anamaria who was married to Clive for nineteen years without even the remotest of any incident other than her acknowledged psychotic behavior, all of a sudden when caught screwing Clive's Personal Assistant and after at first agreed to divorce amiably, after hiring Vicky Parry, out of the blue after obtaining the divorce strategy from the Santa Cruz women's crisis center she accuses Clive of assaulting her, the pattern of practice so common in divorce court emerges.

Anamaria who has been the lynchpin in continually wiping out everything Clive develops does not really have anything to cry about, she was handed the home, the children and allowed to repeatedly break the law and court orders, she has the same immunity the judges give themselves.  It's almost as though she is possessed, a sane person would not go as far as making sure their children can't communicate with their mum or dad.  However, clearly since Anamaria started her affair with Clive's Personal Assistant, Stephan Tichatschke, Anamaria intended to take off with as much as she could.  Clive had to pay off Anamaria for their home in 2002 or sell the home, so Clive took on all the debts while Anamaria walked off with the cash she quietly withdrew from the family accounts while she was having her affair.

In this divorce case, however, there are a number of strange patterns.  In October 2006, four years after filing for divorce, eager to get the divorce over with, despite having paid off his ex, Clive had his home valued and called up Anamaria and her lawyer and asked her how much she wanted.  Clive's home was valued at two and a half million dollars.  Clive filed motions in court to bring an end to the divorce case, however, Vicky Parry and Anamaria refused to settle.  Instead they waited till 2008 and got Irwin Joseph to issue an illegal order to evict Clive from Clive's home and have Clive thrown in jail while Joseph got the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against Joseph, Parry and Anamaria, Stevens, Barton, Atack, Lee and Santa Cruz dismissed.  Irwin Joseph ordered that Clive not go within 100 yards of Clive's own home and handed Clive's home, which Clive proved he had paid Anamaria off for in 2002.  Anamaria broke into Clive's home with the sheriffs and Lee filed four more false felonies against Clive, claiming that because Clive drove 27 mph down Clive's private road before the sheriffs tried to murder Clive in front of Clive's children, that Clive was therefore a felon and therefore the guns Clive had lawfully purchased were additional felonies (forget the 2nd Amendment).  Anamaria then got Sally Lying to flog Clive's two and a half million dollar home for nine hundred and sixty thousand dollars then filed to receive all the proceeds from Clive's stolen home.  Joseph ordered that the clerk of the court could sign for Clive, that's an interesting one.  When Clive when to file a quitclaim on his home before they could sell it, the Santa Cruz Recorder refused to file Clive's document, Clive was so astonished at the recorders action that he took a camera crew back there to video the recorder again refusing to file Clive's document.

The bottom line is that our courts and government are a criminal enterprise. Because no citizens are prepared to do anything about it, the government has stooped to such an extraordinary and open level of crime that the New World Order government is able to conduct wars, initiate depressions and even carryout world wide genocide without anyone doing anything about it.

Those of us who stand up to challenge corruption stand alone or with one or two other brave soles. We are easy to take out. The Sheriffs in Clive's case simply attempted to murder Clive, when that did not work, the DA simply filed false charges against Clive, repeatedly until they drove Clive into bankruptcy. It�s an expensive business defending yourself from criminal DA�s, sheriffs and judges who use your own money to wipe you out.

"To be honest, I can�t spend much time thinking about my son�s, it�s too painful.  I love and miss them so much, it's heartbreaking and scumbags like Barton, Atack, Stevens, Lee and Joseph know it. I know my little boys are going through hell too. If I communicated with them these scumbags will simply throw me in jail again.  If I leave with my boys they will accuse me of kidnapping my own children who the State and Anamaria have kidnapped from me. Perhaps most astonishing in all this assault has bee my ex Anamaria Damas/Tichatschke. She has been the root of all these assaults, without her lies the cops would not have shot at me, well I guess they would have found another excuse, without her I would not be barred from communicating with my little boys, she is the root of the evil that is being perpetrated against my boys and I.
So here I am in the USA, my children kidnapped from me and my home stolen from me by the government, my companies and career wiped out, and I consider the reality and gravity of Baxter�s attempt to murder all of us, and I look at my fellow citizens going about their business, well survival because the bank wiped out most of their business, I have to ask, what are my neighbors smoking? Perhaps I should smoke it too, perhaps it would help me ignore reality. Maybe the family of 300 is right and they should exterminate six billion people, except imagine a world left with nothing but mass murderers and these criminals who work for the government.
I just can�t stop fighting for what is right, it�s cost me everything. I wonder when some of my neighbors will stand up and fight too?  Maybe they will try when their lungs are full of snot or the cancer they say they have put in the vaccines kicks in? It�s just a pity I am not able to teach my little boys some of the values of fighting for what is right. Guess the example they are getting proves just the opposite. Pinch me!" - Clive


July 17, 2009 C UPDATE - Slippery Slimy Sick Robert B. Atack - Changes Court, Time and Judge

Clive's Hearing Location and Time Changed By Atack - Come to Watsonville Superior Court on Mondy 20th July at 1:30 pm, One Second St. Watsonville Dept A (Not Santa Cruz Court)

This is typical of the behavior of these criminals who control our Courts.  They do this so as to avoid attention of their criminal acts.  They absolutely do not want witnesses.  These County criminals are attempting to send Clive to prison for life to cover up their own crimes - your support is critical.


UPDATE - Friday 17, 2009


The arch-criminal and man who as stolen many a property and ruined countless lives in Santa Cruz County Robert B. Atack, with what looks like a rash of red boils on his head, assigned the next sham trial of Clive to former Ass. DA Judge Arianna Symons (Simons was twice rated not qualified to be a judge by the official California Judicial Nominations Committee).  Simons just gave Clive a completely sham trial which she had to overturn after a lawyer pointed out to her that she was not allowed to instruct the jury to send a man to jail for not announcing his age (amongst other outrageous and criminal acts committed by Symons during the trial).  After Clive�s lawyer dismissed Symons, Atack, clearly conspiring to ensure that Clive be placed before a judge that will screw him over, then assigned the case to Michael E. Barton.  Barton is the man who kidnapped Clive�s children after the Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of his boys in 2003.  Barton ordered that Clive not communicate with Clive�s children for three years. Barton went as far as to order Clive�s Dad not be able to communicate with his grand children!  Clive sued Barton in Federal Court.  Barton did not dare to even make any appearance in that case and is so blatantly and obviously biased against Clive, but is actively engaged in committing serious criminal acts against Clive.  The trial should be entertaining.


Robert B. Atack is clearly criminally conspiring to ensure that Clive does not receive a fair trial because Atack himself is guilty of kidnap, racketeering, and grand theft house.  When Clive recently filed to be able to communicate with his little boys, Atack rushed into Family Court and ruled against Clive. This is the nature and character of the man who now looks like a weird psychopath with boils all over his forehead.


Naturally the trial will be interesting when during the trial the trial, the judge is called to the stand as a material witness to the conspiracy the judge is actively engaged in! 


Perhaps we will simply arrest Barton, Atack, Stevens, Joseph and Bob Lee after we form Grand Juries to indict them.  Who's ready to sign up for Common Law Grand Juries? We need to clean out this town.  The plan is a simple one:

Government officials take oaths of office to uphold the Constitution for the United States of America.  Many if not most officials are blatantly and treasonously ignoring the law.  Bob Lee and his surrogate Judges, for example, claim that they do not have to obey the 5th Amendment's mandate of obtaining a Grand Jury Indictment or Presentment before they file charges against their victims.  You don�t have to go far to find crimes these officials are guilty of.


To form Grand Jury, "we the people" randomly select 23 people from the neighborhood.  Grand Jury have noting to do with the Courts.  No judge or DA presides over a Grand Jury.


Next, the victim of a crime known as "the real party of interest", presents evidence of the crime committed against them to the Grand Jury.  If twelve or more people on the Grand Jury believe there is sufficient evidence know and �probable cause�, to prosecute the accused, they issue an indictment or presentment and warrant for the arrest of the government official.  We already Indicted Irwin Joseph and he is off the bench.  All we need to do is hold our officials accountable under the law, law they refuse to follow.


So many people have been damaged by these criminals who wear black nighties in our court's that it's time to call all of us together and to indict criminals like Lee, Atack, Stevens, Barton and Joseph.  There are laws in this Nation, and government officials are the first one's who should follow them.


Read the Constitution, it is the highest law of the land - the Code is not law, neither is so-called �Case Law� where judges try to imply that they are the legislature.  If the common person cannot understand a law, then it is not law, this is the meaning of Common Law.  Judges have no authority to 'interpret' the law as this would allow them to interpret the law to mean whatever they wanted.  Judicial interpretations of the law have reach levels of insanity that are hard to imagine.  Judges for example have attempted to imply that the 11th Amendment which limits their power some how gives them sovereign immunity!


If you can make it please come to Watsonville Superior Court on Monday 20th July at 1:30 pm, One Second St. Watsonville Dept A, 


Connect up to form Grand Juries .  If we do not clean out these criminals in our government, they will be forcing you to take a legal injection of Baxter�s deadly vaccine.  Time is of the essence.  It�s time to get active.  Sign up with today.  Together we can turn this nation around starting at the local level.



July 16, 2009 County Officials Caught in Blatant Conspiracy

Come To The Hearing Monday 20, July 9:00 am Dept 1? � To witness the outcome & support Clive!  If the Court follows the law, Clive will get his children and home back!  You are invited to a party at Clive's home on Saturday July 25 if the Court follows the law.


Baxter Vaccine BioWMD still a serious issue despite the company being sued in Austria for attempted mass genocide.  Barry Soretoro (your President) and the World Health Organization intend to force you to receive three lethal vaccines from Baxter � read more on the site -



UPDATE ON CLIVE � The Plot Is Already Thick.


Judge Samuel S. Stevens along with Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph, Judge Robert B. Atack, District Attorney Bob Lee and Sheriff Anthony Robbins are caught red handed committing crimes of Kidnap, Grand Theft House, Malicious Prosecution and False Arrest.  The only question now is how deep does the crime-ring go in Santa Cruz County?


Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph committed a blatant and obvious criminal act by ordering the eviction of Clive from Clive's home on the very day Joseph filed motions to dismiss Clive's suit against himself and his co-conspirators- See blatant and obvious evidence at  (Defendants to Clive�s suit against the county for serious charges included attempted murder, kidnap and malicious prosecution include: Irwin H Joseph, Samuel S. Stevens, Robert B. Atack, Bob Lee, the Sheriffs and other County criminals). 


The Santa Cruz Sheriffs who attempted to murder Clive in front of Clive's children in 2003, at first agreed that Joseph's eviction order was totally illegal.  Attorney Kate Wells put the Sheriffs on notice that Joseph�s orders were illegal (Kate Wells, one of the top attorneys in California, is the heroine who filed the lawsuit that caught former Santa Cruz Sheriff Mark Tracy red-handed after Tracy sent a deputy to threaten the internationally renowned Richard Quigley.  The deputy that blew the whistle on Sheriff Tracy�s outrageous criminal acts was dismissed � Tracy simply resigned keeping full pay from us tax payers with the blessing of the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors.  DA Bob Lee refused to prosecute Tracy for Tracy�s obvious and outrageous criminal acts, instead he appointed his buddy Anthony Robbins to be sheriff � and get the incumbent advantage come election time.  Does a Sheriff who is caught in a criminal act have a right to appoint a successor?)


When Joseph�s first illegal eviction order against Clive did not work, he issued a second illegal order.  Attorney Kate Wells again placed the Sheriffs on notice that Commissioner Joseph�s order was blatantly illegal (a commissioner is a pretend judge, they have to get your signed permission to be able to order you to do anything � Joseph only had permission to hand Clive back Clive�s passport).  To make sure there was no doubt whatsoever regarding the fact that Joseph�s eviction order was illegal, Clive emailed the Sheriffs fifteen legal proofs the eviction order was illegal and the Sheriffs setup a meeting with Clive to discuss Joseph�s crime.


Three days before the meeting the Sheriffs had setup with Clive, the sheriffs setup another ambush.  With more than eight sheriffs and all their patrol cars, the sheriffs arrested Clive three days before their meeting with Clive when Clive was on his way to get his children.  The sheriffs then went up to Clive�s home and arrested Clive�s friend.  They then broke into Clive�s home and vehicle (they did not even bother to get a search warrant.  Clearly Sheriff Anthony Robbins believes this is how he should spend your tax dollars).


Principle amongst the county criminals Clive was prosecuting is Samuel S. Stevens, so the sheriffs got Stevens to issue a false warrant to arrest Clive!  Stevens who had been dismissed from Clive's cases, and in 1997 attempted to help the law firm where he and his children worked steal Clive�s property, clearly had absolutely no lawful right to issue any warrant for Clive's arrest.  S.S. Stevens is a law unto himself and has profited handsomely from using his position on the bench to commit crimes.  When caught breaking the law in court, and challenged by a lawyer, Stevens responded "we do things differently in Santa Cruz".  We still need to confirm the identity of the drunk woman who claimed to be S.S. Stevens niece and told us that for $200,000 she could get any case before Stevens or Atack dismissed�


The Santa Cruz Sheriffs claim that because Clive sent them proof that Clive's home belonged to Clive, that that was somehow a 'threat' against the Sheriffs.  Pretty much as moronic a charge as they used when they arrested Clive after their assassination attempt on Clive's life failed in 2003 - that time the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, DA and Judges sent Clive to jail for six months claiming that because Clive drove at 27 mph down his private road that Clive was therefore a felon!  Of course they ignored the fact that their sheriffs shot at Clive and his children without even the remotest lawful or reasonable excuse.  When Federal Court ordered Santa Cruz to Show Cause as to why they shot at Clive and his children, Santa Cruz County simply responded with a "notice of non interest".  If you don't believe this check out the piles of evidence on the website!  (The Sheriff Deputy who shot at Clive and Clive�s children, Michael MacDonald, has been promoted to Sergeant, apparently he still goes over the hill to beat up victims in brawls before running back to Santa Cruz).


While holding Clive and his friend in jail the Sheriffs broke into Clive�s home and handed it to Clive�s ex-wife and Clive�s former Personal Assistant.  Bob Lee, the criminal District Attorney in Santa Cruz that files cases against citizens without the 5th Amendment Constitutionally mandated Grand Jury Indictment or Presentment, filed five more false felonies against Clive.  Confident that he will get away with another sham trial, Bob Lee knows the territory well.  Hiding behind a huge department of Asst. DA�s Lee lives a wonderful life while he throws prosecutors the innocent like a Judas.  We wonder what Bob Lee purchases with the thirty pieces of sliver he receives for Judas acts, were also interested why little Santa Cruz has one of the largest District Attorney�s offices in the Nation.  The other question is why Santa Cruz�s CEO (yep, we have a CEO, not elected of course) pays her two assistants quarter of a million dollar salaries and herself even more.


Clearly the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, Judges and DA work hard to support adulterers and low-life�s who destroy families.  They have been known to let people off for murder.  They also choose what orders to obey and disobey according to their own whims.  Stephan Tichatschke, Clive�s former Personal Assistant who was having an affair with Clive�s wife while he reported to Clive, is barred from any contact with Clive�s children pursuant to a stipulated Court order issued through a Level II Custody Investigation conducted by the Court�s psychiatrist.  Clive was the custodial parent.  However, the Sheriffs, SS Stevens and Urine Joseph kidnapped Clive�s children and handed them to Tichatschke.


The Santa Cruz Court�s criminal behavior shocks the conscience.  They issue clearly illegal emergency orders handing Clive�s children to Tichatschke who is a self confessed drug addict, sex addict and was apparently linked to child pornography, while Judges Stevens, Barton, Attack, and Commissioner Joseph and the Sheriffs kidnap Clive�s children and order that Clive not communicate in any way at all with his own children.  These criminals acting under the color of law are clearly lowlife scumbags of the worst ilk in our County.  The damage they are causing Richard and William, Clive�s children is irreversible.  We need to ask how we have managed to get such low level scumbags on the bench in our Courts, Sheriffs department and District Attorney�s office?


When sued, the judges, DA, sheriffs and County employees rely on colleagues of the black cloth (other judges) to rush in and declare them sovereign and immune.  There is no law granting government officials in the US any immunity for crimes they commit, however, judges have taken the law into their own hands and simply announced that they are our kings and queens, that they are sovereign and that we cannot hold them accountable no matter what crimes they commit.  Judges claim that �Case Law� is the law of the land, that decisions made by other judges makes up the law.  However is Case Law is law, then that implies the judiciary is the legislature, and we know that is not the case, but instead the judges are clearly guilty of high treason which carries the death penalty (Contractors have already volunteered to build the gallows).


So who do you turn to when the government tries to murder you, kidnaps your children and steals you home?  The answer is simple �We the People�.  Read the Constitution, it is the highest law of the land and it overrules all other laws.  Furthermore the Judges, Sheriffs and DA�s have all taken an oath of uphold the Constitution.  When they violate their oath of office it is up to us, �we the People� to form Grand Juries which we do by simply randomly calling together 23 people from the neighborhood (The County's Grand Jury is a sham which does not meet the requirements of the law).  We present evidence of the officials crime/s to the Grand Jury and they determine if there is probable cause to prosecute the official.  If they believe there is sufficient evidence to prosecute, they sign a presentment and this is the start of the end of the officials career and formal and lawful prosecution of criminals acting under the color of law.  Go to the website and read about the County Cleanup Program, it�s a simple recipe to recover our Nation and save the world.


Sign up with CopperCards and help us restore law and order in our Nation.  If we recover our government, the first Act will be to abolish the band of criminals who own the Federal Reserve Bank � the funny money they make out of nothing is the root of all evil. The owners of the Fed have funded all the major wars, they put criminals like Stevens, Atack, Joseph and Simons on the bench they make sure criminals like Bob Lee throw the innocent in jail and turn our nation into the World�s Worst Prison State.  However, the acts of these criminals in our Court�s, DA, and Sheriff�s office are putting you and your children�s life at risk. According to the New World Order you and your children are �Goyim�, useless eaters who they believe they must exterminate.  Thank the Czech Republic for blowing the whistle on Baxter�s BioWMD flu vaccination.  However realize that Barry So-and-so, your President, and the WHO still intend to give you and your children three lethal �flu vaccination� injections, delivered the same way the deliver the death penalty.


For a relatively brief background to the buildup to where we are now read

To learn about the Baxter Bird-Flu BioWMD read:

We have recommendation for fighting Bird and Swine Flu posted here: - , by the way, apparently the �secret� ingredient to Rumsfeld�s Tamiflu anti-birdflu virus is the herb Star Anise, you can get it in many health food stores.


Please come to Santa Cruz Superior Court on Monday at 9:00 to support Clive.  Bob Lee, Robert Atack, SS Stevens, Anthony Robins, Gretchen Brock and other County criminals are attempting to lock Clive up for the rest of his life.  Clive risks his life for you children and your liberty, showing support for Patriots is the least we can do.


Liberty For Life!


July 6, 2009 Attempted Murder, Kidnap, Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft House � These Are the values of Santa Cruz County Government.

When/Where: Wednesday 8 July 2009 at 10:00 am - Santa Cruz Superior Court: 701 Ocean Str. Santa Cruz Department � TBD, perhaps Dept 1 or 7 � look for Clive Boustred on the Docket.

Where/When: Thursday 9 July 2009 at 8:30 � Watsonville Superior Court: 1 Second Street, Watsonville, CA � Department D.

You are invited to hearings to witness firsthand what a band of filthy criminals the judges, sheriffs and DA�s in Santa Cruz are.  

Experience the cases where District Attorney Bob Lee filed the eighth and ninth malicious prosecutions against Clive since the Santa Cruz Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of his children.  

This time Bob Lee says that because Clive proved that he had paid out his ex-wife on his home and that he had sued the Bank who had refused to respond (just like Bob Lee), that Clive had therefore committed another felony � yes that�s right Bob Lee claims that the email Clive sent the sheriffs proving that Clive owned his home was a felony!  Bob Lee naturally ignored the fact that the order Commissioner Irwin Joseph issued to evict Clive from Clive�s home on the very same day that Joseph was attempting to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against Joseph (and Lee and the Sheriffs), was clearly not only unlawful, but that it was a criminal act by Commissioner Joseph.  When Clive obtained a Grand Jury Presentment to prosecute Joseph Judge Almquist simply dismissed it and Lee ignored the crime.  But hey, here in Santa Cruz the officials have official judicial endorsements to commit criminal acts with impunity.

Lee, the judges and the sheriffs, claim that because Clive drove at 27 mph down his private road before the Santa Cruz Sheriffs attempted to blow Clive's head off in front of Clive's children, that Clive was a therefore a felon.  Former arch criminal and Judicially "Not Qualified" Judge Art Danner sent Clive to jail for six months without any right to bail for driving at 27 mph down his private road.  The Santa Cruz Deputy who shot at Clive, Michael MacDonald, has been promoted to a Sergeant.  And Anamaria Tichatschke who made the false 911 call that got the cops to shoot at Clive and his children, was awarded the children and Clive's home.  Hey, liars and adulterers are tops in Santa Cruz Courts.

Bob Lee says that because Clive drove 27 mph down a private road before the sheriffs tried to blow Clive's head off in front of Clive's children, and because Clive owns lawfully purchased guns that Clive must go to jail for the rest of his life.  But are Lee and his surrogate judges committing High Treason, punishable by death?

In Santa Cruz criminals are protected and the government claims, in writhing, that they are our sovereign (i.e. that they are our king and queen) and that they cannot be held accountable for any crime they commit against us.  This allows the Santa Cruz authorities to attempt to murder anyone they want, to kidnap their children, steal their vehicles and home, not without so much as even a pretence of following the highest law of the land, the Constitution for the United States of America.

Judges, DA and Sheriffs in Santa Cruz County are committing High Treason and breaking more laws than anyone in the County, every single day.  The offences they commit are punishable by the death penalty. However, they act with impunity because they claim to be our "sovereign government".  They are worse than King George.

The 5th Amendment is explicit and in plain English.  The government cannot prosecute anyone without first obtaining a Grand Jury indictment or presentment: "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury".  Not so with Bob Lee and the Judges of Santa Cruz County, they claim that they can go on witch huts and file case after case against anyone they don't like or who threatens their criminal enterprise on "information".

Yes that's right judges, DA and sheriffs in Santa Cruz believe that they are higher authority than the Constitution. Clearly the oath of office they take to uphold the Constitution, is in their eye's, something other than the Constitution for the United States of America - the Constitution to this band of criminals must mean their gut because they certainly don't follow the law, they do whatever the hell they want including kidnap attempted murder and grand theft house.

Don�t believe your government is a band of thieves?  Come along and witness the facts first-hand before they come after you too (and that, they most certainly have in the works).

Witness how the judges steal homes without so much as allowing the victims 7th Amendment Constitutionally guaranteed right to a trial by jury for any matter over $20!  Witness how judges and commissioners are law unto themselves, how they ignore bankruptcy law, how they ignore facts, how they make up the law as they go. These judges, sheriffs and DA work for the criminals who own the private Federal Reserve Bank, the very same people who funded Hitler, Stalin all the World Wars and initiated all the major depressions including the current one.  These judges are the filthiest criminals in the land, they threaten not only the United States of America they threaten the world.

Bank robbers, murderers and crooked judges and DA�s are never ordered to not communicate with their Children.  However, when their assassination on a good man�s life Santa Cruz failed, the Judges, Sheriffs and DA ensured that Clive not be able to communicate in any way with Clive�s children in front of whom they tried to murder Clive.  They also stole Clive's home to make good their threats.  This is Santa Cruz where adulterers and criminals in government are rewarded and innocent people�s children are kidnapped and their homes and everything they own is stolen from them by the government.

When caught red-handed committing crimes, government officials and their co-criminals simply go silent, they don't even bother to respond to lawfully filed suits, sometimes they simply resign and start up somewhere else.  Never, not once, are these County Criminals wearing black robes and badges ever prosecuted for the crimes they commit.  Welcome to Unholy Cross the County Crime Capital of California, Santa Cruz.

Come along to the hearings on Wednesday in the Santa Cruz Superior Court at 10:00 am and on Thursday in the Watsonville Court at 8:30 am.

Witness first hand the Judges, DA's and Cops who commit crimes in the open.


March 5, 2009

Clive's home has been sold despite an automatic stay provided under bankruptcy law.  Clearly the government has completely abandoned the law when it comes to Clive.  Afterall, when the government is has been caught red handed attempting to blow Clive's head off inf ront of Clive's children, how much worse can stealing his home and children make the case?

Read About & Follow Latest Sham Trial - The Pursuit of Happiness Sham Trial


April 24, 2009

After six years of malicious prosecution of Clive by Santa Cruz Authorities following the Sheriffs Shooting Instructor attempted murder of Clive in front of his children, Clive has been driven into bankruptcy. With this assault the County not only kidnapped Clive�s children again, they have literally stolen his home and forced Clive to pay the Sheriff $200,000!

Commissioner Irwin Joseph's criminal act of ordering Clive evicted from Clive's home on the very day Joseph was attempting to have himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against Joseph was used by the Sheriffs and Judges in Santa Cruz County to file the 8th and 9th malicious and outrageous case against Clive.

Commissioner Irwin Joseph a disgraceful criminal acting under the color of law rushed in while the Sheriffs placed Clive under false arrest for the sixth time since their assassination attempt failed, and Joseph ordered that Clive not be able to communicate with his children or go within 100 yards of Clive�s own home!

The level of crime the Santa Cruz authorities are prepared to stoop to is astonishing. Clearly the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, DA and Judges know they can commit whatever crimes they want without consequence. The San Jose Mercury News Tainted Trials Stolen Justice analysis and series covering the Appellate system proved that the system is utterly corrupt. The panel of law professors who analyzed the cases that were filed in the appellate system victims of Santa Cruz County appeal to, proved that there is no justice in Californian Courts. Consequentially officials in Santa Cruz have free rain to do what the hell they want with impunity. A criminal conspiracy acting under the color of law.

Clive having had everything taken from him by corrupt Santa Cruz authorities could no longer afford to hire lawyers to help. Not that lawyers can do much when the judges refuse to follow the law, however, lawyers do bring more accountability. Santa Cruz Judge Simons refused to allow Clive any public defense and was taken through another sham trial where he was not even allowed to put the code he was charged with in front of the jury, or any law or related cases. With a plant on the jury to incite the weak uninformed jurors to find Clive guilty, the consequences were predictable.

Internationally renowned Producer Anthony J. Hilder sat through Clive�s entire trial, despite the fact that he was not allowed to video tape the trial. Sgt. Michel MacDonald, the gunman who attempted to murder Clive came into the court and confiscated Mr. Hilder�s Camera. At the conclusion of the trial Mr. Hilder exclaimed �1000 to one Clive will be found not guilty�. Mr. Hilder did not know about Santa Cruz DA�s practice of hiring plants to force the jury to find the innocent guilty. It�s just as well for Mr. Hilder that no one took him up on the offer. Clive was found guilty of violating PC 148, however, the Court could not explain the Nature and Cause of the crime, because there was no crime.

Fortunately family and friends came forward and managed to hire a layer for Clive just two days before sentencing, so sentencing has been delayed till the 15th. Clive will be pushing for a dismissal or a new trial. However, the court�s are so utterly corrupt it appears that all hope is lost. Lawyers are preparing Clive�s cases to be brought before the International Court in the Hague.

April 8, 2009

In yet another classically sham trial, I was found guilty, yet I committed not crime, I simply exercised my right in the pursuit of happiness.

Click here to learn more about the 7th Malicious Prosecution

Watch the assault here: CHP Assaults Chairman

This trail was classic, and this time round, I was well aware of what was going on. The judge who makes sure the jury does as they instruct, the jury made up of middle aged women to find the innocent Defendant guilty because they believe cops don�t lie, the Ass. DA Judas to betray Christ with a kiss and the blatantly obvious shill, the man on the jury who becomes the Forman responsible for pressuring the weak willed women who think cops are wonderful to find the innocent Defendant GUILTY!

This case was a classic as it deals with the right to pursue happiness. Believe it or not, the right to pursue happiness is a constitutionally guaranteed right, no longer in America though, the Constitution clearly does not apply. Neither does your right to Counsel and you certainly cannot put the law before the jury.... I am writing a number of articles and will publish the details of the case and trial... It's quite amusing, I also capture the cop violently assaulting me on tape.

However, I have more serious fish to fry. It's the five false felonies I am really concerned with. You see, according to the Court, driving at 27 mph down a private road before the government attempts to blow your head off in front of your children is a felony. They also say that if you prove one of their executive officers is a crook, then you committed a criminal act, a felony. To cover up crime after crime committed against my sons and I, the government simply files case after case against me. I have broken no law, committed no crime. Having had sham hearing after sham hearing and three sham judge controlled jury trials, I know that the trial they will give me for the five false felonies will be no different to the previous three. They will send me to jail for the rest of my life.

Unless I can wake up the court of public opinion, unless I can get at a minimum of 24 people to stand up and enforce the law and the public to wake up and stop a government out of control.

However, are Americans past sanity? Has State School made fools that are so dam stupid they will throw those who risk their lives for their liberty in jail?

I need to focus on getting people in Santa Cruz County to rise up and demand justice and law and order. Unfortunately I will have to put aside the engines that run on water and focus on raising representation to the point of enough public attention to get these false charges thrown out. Otherwise, I am off to jail for the rest of my life.

Forgive me if I do not respond to emails or calls. I have to focus on what I can. I need publicity as much as possible. However, from extensive past experience, I know I will be censored on mainstream media. If you can get us any publicity however, it will save me and us.

The NWO is unquestionably working on bringing about "Change" in the US. They are preparing to move to the next step of controlled society. Martial law and the elimination of intellect in the US, just as they did in Germany, Russia, Cambodia, China and other dominated nations around the world. The question is whether or not the American public, or in my case the citizens of County of Santa Cruz, have enough intelligence to see the train coming down the tracks they are tied to.

I will be keeping as much information on my cases posted at

It's now or never for my liberty. Will the people in the US wake up in time? The people and organizations who planned the killing fields in Cambodia, the Concentration camps in Russia and Germany and the invasion of Iraq are one and the same. Their plans are embedded on the George Guide Stones. They have been working diligently on word dominance for century�s time and it's not at all subtle. What's most amazing is the sheer stupidity of the masses and their complete ignorance of what's in front of them. Blame Saudi's for attacking the towers and invade Iraq. Put guys like Andrew Jackson on the $20 and take the worst so-called terrorists names add the Yiddish name for 'leader' in front of it and give their puppet the power of a President and Pope who can overrule Congress, Sovereign Barak Hussein OBsama. Are Americans stupid or what? State Fools� My next website I am working on

America is about to be toasted and my time's nearly up.

Each time the companies I am working on are about to raise funds, I am hit with criminal acts under the color of law. I was forced into this trial without the ability to hire counsel because the government has taken everything from me, my children, my home, my businesses and they threw me in jail on false charges and demanded I pay them $200,000 in 'bail' money. In this trial they refused to even give me a public 'pretender' because I could not afford to hire a lawyer.

They tried to take my life, but the bullet missed. They took my children and liberty and they stole my homestead too. Now I have been found guilty of pursuing happiness. The next trial touches on almost every Article in the Bill of Rights, none of which I will be allowed to argue. The base claim is that I am a felon because I drove safely at 27 mph down my private road before the Santa Cruz Sheriffs Shooting instructor tried to blow my head off in front of my children (who I have been ordered to not communicate with for more than seven months). Astonishingly, in this trial, the judge would not even allow me to put the code as it is written in front of the jury!

Those who run our courts are nothing but filthy criminals of the worst type. What they do not realize is that their actions will not only destroy the USA, they will destroy themselves. However, we must be slow to resort to any type of violent conflict, since it is conflict that initiated the problem in the first place. Abraham Lincoln's immoral Morrill Tax war caused the downfall of the USA. The NWO's Fed wants another uncivil war in America, that's how they make their money. Well, they make money out of nothing. Money is not the issue though, not really. They want your liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness too they want to be sovereign.

C for Constitution. We don't want change we want our Constitution back!

March: 2009

Santa Cruz Judge Robert Atack a defendant in the cases Clive is prosecuting against Santa Cruz gets on the attack after conducting sham 'preliminary examinations' and violating his oath of office and ethics.  Atack flat out refused to follow the law and sidestepped the mandatory 5th Amendment requirement for a Grand Jury Indictment or Presentment for the government to prosecute Clive. After working to drive Clive into bankruptcy the Santa Cruz Court is now rushing to give Clive more sham trials to silence the crimes the Santa Cruz authorities continue to commit against Clive and his boys.  The 7th case is scheduled for trial on April 6 and the 8th and 9th malicious cases are scheduled for trial on April 27.  The blatant criminal acts by these Santa Cruz Authorities is astonishing, they have absolutely no problem committing high treason, kidnap and other outrageous crimes on the record in the open. - Read the Habeas Corpus Clive filed to get an idea of how outrageous these criminals acting under the color of law are: Habeas- Evidence

February 2009

Having been driven into bankruptcy, and unlawfully evicted from his home by the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, Judges/Commissioner and District Attorney, Clive, having to pay the Santa Cruz Sheriff $200,000 to the Santa Cruz Sheriff Steven Robbins to simply have his freedom while the SC DA Bob Lee prosecutes the 7th, 8th and 9th malicious prosecutions against Clive since the SC Sheriffs attempted to murder Clive in front of his boys, Clive has been forced to look for work to earn money to hire lawyers.

Clive's unusual aptitude and intelligence, or more likely by the grace of God, has been place in yet another extraordinary opportunity.  Clive is helping build a company that runs engines on water.  The income Clive earns will be used to hire lawyers to get his children back.

Hearing Scheduled for Friday 6th March & 9th March

Ignoring the Constitutionally mandated requirement for a Grand Jury indictment or presentment required by the government before they can prosecute citizens, the Santa Cruz Superior Court has scheduled a 'preliminary examination' so that they can set these false cases for trial.  While the government files false case after false case against Clive, allowing themselves to bring these sham and fraudulent cases against Clive, the government flat out refuses to allow Clive to bring any cases against themselves, literally granting themselves in writing 'sovereign immunity' and the right to commit crimes against Clive with out consequence. - Clive has filed a motion to dismiss the case.  Not able to afford a lawyer, Clive is still forced to defend himself.

Santa Cruz County Recorder Refuses to File Clive's Quit Claim

2/2/09 & 2/18/09.  Having been unlawfully evicted from his home and homestead, Clive quitclaims his home to his friend, however astonishingly the Santa Cruz County recorder refuses to file the document!  Amazed at the extraordinary length the Santa Cruz County is prepared to go to in committing blatant crimes in the open, on February the 18th Clive takes a local Santa Cruz TV producer with him to the Santa Cruz County Recorders office to videotape the recorder breaking the law refusing to file Clive's quit-claim - the County Recorder gives a great show - blatant criminal acts on camera!

Clive's Demure is Denied

2/3/09 - Clive files a Demure to dismiss the false cases filed against him by Bob Lee the Santa Cruz District Attorney and the Santa Cruz Sheriffs. Citing Constitutional law and considerable evidence proving well beyond any doubt that the cases filed against him are utterly false, the dismissal which if the Court followed the law would be automatic is denied, so to is Clive's request to see his children.


Update January 19, 2009:

LFL Founder Clive Boustred could not even wish his beloved children happy Christmas and he will not be able to even wish his son William happy 9th birthday on January 21!  Dada 2 Boys

The criminal nature of authorities in Santa Cruz and their willingness to commit blatant and outrageous crimes out in the opening is not only astonishing it is flat out evil.  So too are the actions of Clive's ex-wife Anamaria Tichatschke and her attorney Vicky Parry.

The Santa Cruz Superior Court who's CEO Alex Calvo refuses to allow Clive to gain access to any impartial judge, continues to hold Clive's children and his home hostage while they attempt to sell Clive's home out from under him after breaking into and stealing property from Clive's home when they falsely arrested Clive for the sixth time and filed the eighth and ninth malicious prosecutions against Clive and again kidnapped Clive's children.  Clive is ordered to not communicate with his children and can not even send this letter Dada 2 Boys.  The Court now also refuses to allow Clive to submit any evidence in his case.  The United States District Court also refuses to allow Clive to file anything including a Writ of Habeas Corpus (read it here).  Habeas Court Wont File

The Courts in the United States have now openly and blatantly abandoned the law. The courts are presided over by nothing less than treasonous criminals there is no law in the United States, the government here is a criminal enterprise.  Santa Cruz Sheriffs and District Attorney commit crimes without consequence because the judges protect them.  Judges commit crimes without consequence because other judges protect them.

See below for more information and the extensive and blatant proofs on this site showing how the U.S. courts are used to assault and prosecute innocent people.  Clearly the Santa Cruz and U.S. government does not want any of the facts surrounding their assault on Clive Boustred and his children from ever gaining any form of justice they refuse to allow the cases Clive brings against them to come to trial but keep on filing false cases against Clive. They bring the cases they file against Clive and give him sham trials where they refuse to allow Clive to submit any evidence proving his innocence.

Read about the blatant crimes these Courts, Sheriffs and DA's are prepared to committ: COMMISSIONER IRWIN H. JOSEPH'S Crimes

It's quite astonishing how reluctant the American public is to hold criminals in government accountable.  The public naturally bares full responsibility for holding their government responsible.  Perhaps, that is the reason why so many American's are loosing their jobs and everything they own.  It's time we stood up.  If we do not stand up together we will surely all individually be assaulted like Clive is being assaulted.  Join it's the least you can do to learn the law.

As of Thursday 30, October 2008

Each time the Government locks up Clive, he develops new solutions:


DATE: October 28, 2008
CONTACT: Valerie Marquis
PHONE NUMBER: +1 (408) 889-4351


CopperCards and Liberty For Life Founder Clive Boustred received a file stamped copy of Santa Cruz Superior Court Case # WV 0001 for the Grand Jury Indictment/Presentment and Quo Warranto Complaint against a government official today.  Utilizing a forgotten method to bring accountability to government officials, has Clive unlocked a method to cut out corruption in the U.S.?

"Forget Washington D.C., forget your State Capital. The voting system is rigged, the politicians are bought out. It's a waste of time voting. However, you can demand government officials obey their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. You are unlikely to have any affect in DC or your State Capital, however, you sure can hold your local County officials accountable. Fix your County, and you fix the U.S. By demanding judges and commissioners obey the Constitution, it becomes impossible for the government to take away your rights. Grand Juries and the Quo Warranto process through CopperCards County Cleanup Program reintroduces law in the U.S., it's the way to go.  Together "We the People" can take back the U.S. from these banksters who repeatedly take us into wars and depressions." - Clive Boustred Founder, CopperCards, Liberty For Life & InfoTelesys.

Clive, a leading entrepreneur and technologist from Silicon Valley, who the government literally attempted to assassinate in front of his kids, and who they repeatedly throw in jail on false charges, evicted from his home and kidnapped his children, has spent the last five years studying the law and seeking a solution to eliminate corruption in the U.S.  Has Clive uncovered the holy grail for the recovery of the the U.S.?

The technology company Clive was building,, was leading the world in the development of next-generation Internet, education and banking.  Is InfoTelesys the reason those behind the government so maliciously prosecute Clive?  However, each time they threw Clive in jail, he developed new means to shut down the corruption that put him there in the first place!

After the government recently evicted Clive from his 5,000 ft estate in Santa Cruz, and again ordered him to not communicate with his children and filed the 7th, 8th and 9th false cases against Clive, Clive developed the CopperCards County Cleanup Programand the Grand Jury @ the Brewery events.

Last week, seizing his legal rights, Clive formed a Grand Jury by randomly selecting 24 individuals from 'Neighborhood Night' at the Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz.  Keeping the evidence blatant and the allegations simple, Clive had no problem obtaining a Grand Jury indictment/presentment against Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph. 


Santa Cruz Superior Court  
The People of the State of California,
Irwin H. Joseph/IRWIN H. JOSEPH,

Case # WV 0001.


Irwin Joseph is one of the primary defendants in a lawsuit Clive is prosecuting against the State.  In retaliation, Joseph evicted Clive from his home and ordered Clive to not communicate with his kids. Santa Cruz Sheriffs, also defendants in Clive's suit, arrested Clive for not obeying Joseph's illegal order.  While in jail on a $200,000 bail hold, lawyers from the Attorney General's office quickly moved to have Clive's Federal case against Joseph and the State dismissed.

The Santa Cruz District Attorney, also a defendant in the cases Clive filed, naturally refused to prosecute Joseph, so Clive prosecuted the case himself.  Is this the first case prosecuted quo warranto against an official by ordinary citizens in fifty years?

What when more citizens prosecute public officials who do not obey their oath of office?
Can what Clive uncovered recover the Nation?

Do the Rothschild's New World Order "United Nations" banksters fear a 'New Renaissance' that is being brought about by current and next-generation Internet companies like InfoTelesys?  Are the banksters recent actions to crash the U.S. dollar only a reflection of their desperation?  If they lock up Clive for the rest of his life, won't other engineers and innovators simply pick up the torch and run the race for liberty?

"If the average U.S. citizen knew what was going on in banking and the government today,
there would be a revolution within moments of that realization."
- Clive Boustred Founder, CopperCards, Liberty For Life & InfoTelesys.

Grand Jury @ the Brewery.  What a night! 

Will children a hundred years from now celebrate their liberty and learn about Clive and the band of citizens who seized their rights at the Grand Jury @ the Brewery nights in Santa Cruz?  Or will the banksters take the Nation down their road to a Fascist Communistic Dictatorship?

The government continues to maliciously prosecute Clive, however, freedom comes from those who fight for it. 

"Tyranny feeds on fear, but flees when there is no fear!" - Clive

Learn more about the CopperCards County Cleanup Program, the CopperCards Bank, and how we can take back America and bring the Nation into a New-Renaissance and economic freedom from International Bankers on the site - CopperCards County Cleanup -



Clive Needs Legal Defense and is looking for a lawyer to defend him from the 7th, 8th and 9th cases totaling five false felonies and three false misdemeanors the Santa Cruz County District Attorney Bob Lee has filed against Clive.  Having been through two sham trials that were totally rigged, these charges despite being false are exceptionally serious.  Santa Cruz County sent Clive to jail for six months without any right to bail for driving 27mph down his private road just before the Santa Cruz Sheriffs attempted to blow his head off in front of his children.

Clive also needs help in his divorce case which the County has dragged out for more than six years and has used to kidnap his children who used to live with Clive and they have now again ordered that Clive may not even talk to his little boys!


LATEST Sunday 14, September 2008

Briefly, they cooked up a blatantly false court order to evict me from my home that was issued by Commissioner Irwin Joseph to whom I have not acceded jurisdiction and who is one of the primary defendants in my current lawsuit against Santa Cruz County and who I have filed Man Slaughter charges against (Huge conflict of interest).  Irwin Joseph had issued the same order about a month and a half ago.  When we contacted the Sheriffs then regarding the first void eviction order the Sheriffs agreed that the order was of no legal force and the Sheriffs ignored it.  This time, when Irwin Joseph issued the same blatantly illegal order, the Sheriffs said that they were not sure if it was illegal, so I emailed them a detailed account proving beyond any reasonable doubt that there was categorically no legal basis what so ever for the order and I set up a meeting with Sgt. Christy Swanson (831) 471-1121 & (831) 454-2440 to sit down with the Sheriffs to discuss the facts and the law (URGENT NOTICE TO THE SANTA CRUZ SHERIFF).  Along with the email I included two verified criminal complaints (1st - 2nd) I had filed against my ex for repeated violation of court orders and other crimes along with the first one I had filed to prevent her from making false 911 calls the very morning before they shot at me.  Sgt. Swanson�s aunt died and the meeting was rescheduled to Tuesday the 9th.

When I went to pick up my little boys on Saturday the 6th, a swat team of around ten or more Sheriffs descended on me and arrested me under false charges.  They claimed that I had failed to obey Irwin Joseph's void court order and that I had threatened a public official.  They could not tell me who I had threatened or how I had allegedly threatened the unknown public official.  They claimed to have a warrant however they could not show me it.  Naturally, they never bothered to read me my rights.

My little boys who were kidnapped from me by the Sheriffs and Santa Cruz Superior Court judges after the Sheriffs on March 10, 2003 attempted to blow my head off in front of my boys, naturally cherish every moment they have with me as I do with them.  I cannot even talk to my little boys from Monday to Friday.  It�s hard to express what it is like to have your children kidnapped by the State.  Were my children kidnapped by thugs, at least I could go to the police and ask for help.  When the Sheriffs are the ones kidnapping your children, who do you go to?  I drop everything to pack as much time and activities with my little boys over the weekends.  We were going to go shooting and surfing this weekend.

The Sheriffs threw me in jail and set my bail at $200,000.00.  While I was being arrested, the Sheriffs immediately went to burgle my home where they also arrested Peter Photenhauer who lives at my place for �resisting arrest�.  There was naturally no underlying charge to conduct Peter�s arrest in the first place and they had no warrant to search and seize my property and home.  My neighbor tells me two Whyte Sheriffs vans arrived at my home and they burgled it taking off my safes and evidence of crimes the government has been committing against me.  Apparently other moving trucks were also seen going to my home afterwards.

They set $100,000 bail for failing to obey the illegal order and for threatening the unknown public official with an unknown threat and another $100,000 bail claiming that I was a felon who possessed guns.  The Sheriffs and Santa Cruz Superior Court claim that driving at an alleged 40mph and actual 27mph down a private road just before Sheriffs attempted to blow your head off in front of your children is a felony committed by the person they shoot at.  When the Federal court issued an Order to Show Cause to Santa Cruz as to why such a matter is any crime at all, Santa Cruz responded with a �Notice of Non Interest� (see SC Notice of Non Interest).  Obviously, I am not a felon, however the Sheriffs and Judges most certainly are!  All of my guns were lawfully purchased by myself going through all the formal permit processes.  It was fortunate that I had my guns with me when the Sheriffs arrested me, because now it is pretty obvious that I am not carrying guns to use against the Sheriffs otherwise naturally I would have used them!  When they broke into my home the also broke open my gun safe and took my shot gun � had I not had any of my guns with me, they probably would have accused me of building a terrorist�s armory or some other absurd charge to use against them.

In the Santa Cruz Jail, they held me for four days before bringing me before Judge Jeff Almquist whom I had successfully sued and who was also a defendant in my current lawsuit against Santa Cruz County.  Mr. Almquist properly dismissed himself and they sent me back to jail where they still refused to release me for failing to bring me before a qualified magistrate within 72 hours.  The next day, I was brought before Judge Samuel S. Stevens whom has a long history of criminal acts committed against myself and other victims.  SS Stevens also failed to make any appearance or plea in the lawsuits I filed against him and is a defendant in my current lawsuit against Santa Cruz County.  When putting this fact on the record, SS Stevens ignored the facts and the law and proceeded to enter a �not guilty plea� for me to which I objected and refused his offer to enter a plea form me and stated that he had no right to enter any such plea.  On the first day, shortly after being housed in the jail, I had filed a Habeas Corpus and our CopperCards team had also filed multiple Habeas Corpuses on my behalf, when I asked Stevens if the Court had received the Habeas Corpus�s, SS Stevens said they had not received any.  I continued to start to put on the record the facts surrounding my case including asking the criminal on the bench where the Grand Jury Indictment was for my case and demanded my Administrative Hearing under Common Law.  SS Stevens responded by ordering the bailiff to throw me out of court and back into jail.

When I returned to my cell they delivered me a letter from the Santa Cruz Superior Court including the Habeas Corpus I had filed.  The Clerks office refused to file the Habeas Corpus, because they claimed that I had not served the District Attorney's office - In jail I was lucky enough that other prisoners gave me scraps of paper to write the Habeas Corpus on in the first place.

In jail, my repeated formal complaints and demand that I be brought before a qualified magistrate were denied.  Eventually the Lt. in charge of the Jail called me out of my cell and said that they would ignore any further requests by myself to be brought before a qualified judge.  When putting the law before him, such as the fact that pursuant to the 5th Amendment, they had to have a Grand Jury Indictment to prosecute me, and the fact that I was entitled to an impartial adjudicator along with the fact that pursuant to USC Title 18 the bailiff was required to arrest SS Stevens for acting in excess of jurisdiction and for committing treason, the Lt. from the Sherriff�s office running the jail advised me that �States do things differently� to what the Constitution and law dictate � they sure do!

While I was in jail they brought me before a process server who handed me a summons to come to a hearing before Commissioner Irwin Joseph had scheduled for the 22nd so that Irwin Joseph could order me to never contact my children ever again.  The Commissioner took the liberty of also issuing an emergency order barring me from any contact with my children, naturally there was no hearing or notice for that order.  The significance of the 22nd is that on that very day, lawyers form the Attorney General�s office are attempting to have Defendant Irwin Joseph dismissed from the case I have filed against him and the State.  The previous illegal eviction order Irwin Joseph issued, he ordered that I be evicted from my home on the day the Attorney General made a previous attempt to have Defendant Irwin Joseph dismissed from my case against Santa Cruz County.  You will find section �H. PREAMBLE� interesting as it is a synopsis of the situation in the U.S.

Without any means of justice in the Santa Cruz Courts and Jail, I had no option to pay the $200,000 bail to get out.   Having already been subject to more than five years of outrageous and malicious prosecution including the government locking down all my assets, naturally I do not have $200,000 or even 10% of that to bail.  Dorothy, a close family friend again came to my aid.  I now have no money, no home and none of my possessions except what I was wearing and my car which I had to purchase back for $750.

I cannot say the situation is not very serious.  Santa Cruz County has filed five or so false felonies against me.  They already forced me through a patently sham trial and sentenced me to six months in jail without any right to bail for driving at 27 mph down my private road just before they tried to murder me in front of my children (see Opening Brief 6th Didt (Word) to get a taste of the sham Santa Cruz trial).  Santa Cruz County has proven over and over again that they do not give a dam regarding the law and they have no problem committing outrageous crimes that shock the conscience.

What I can say however, is that we have a plan.  CopperCards County Cleanup, developed during my last week in jail can turn the Nation around in a matter of days.

See CopperCards County Cleanup


LATEST Tuesday 2, September 2008


Commissioner Irwin Joseph who is a primary defendant in the lawsuit Clive filed against Santa Cruz County has apparently issued another unlawful order to evict Clive from Clive's home.  This time round the Santa Cruz Sheriff Sgt. Fred Plageman (831) 454-2986 is trying to claim that the void order issued by Commissioner Irwin Joseph against Clive who is suing Irwin Joseph is legitimate.  The Sheriffs are threatening to arrest Clive and they will no doubt rob Clive's home when they do so.

Irwin Joseph, Sana Cruz Sheriffs, Clive's ex Anamaria Tichatschke and her lawyer Vicki Parry are defendants in the lawsuit filed against them for the attempted murder of Clive when the Santa Cruz County Shooting Instructor Michael MacDonald shot at Clive in front of his children on March 10, 2003 and which they followed up with outrageous and malicious prosecution of Clive (See InfoTelesys Lawsuit)


Irwin Joseph, Anamaria Tichatschke & Vicki Parry are now facing Manslaughter Charges.

This time the Santa Cruz Sheriffs are claiming that the void order issued by Commissioner Joseph is lawful and that they will place Clive under arrest for not leaving his home who they intend to hand over to Clive's ex wife.  And the Sheriffs refuse to prosecute Irwin Joseph for manslaughter as they refused to investigate or prosecute MacDonald for attempting to murder Clive Boustred.

Clive who has had enough of the criminal acts by the Santa Cruz Courts, Sheriffs and DA, indicated that he will not be unlawfully evicted from his home and that any Sheriffs who approach me will be considered a life threat (Especially since Santa Cruz County has made three attempts on his life- the first which they do not even deny).

Clive's demands for a trial by jury pursuant to Seventh Amendment rights has repeatedly been refused by the Santa Cruz Court and U.S. District Courts.

Clive has been shot at, repeatedly been thrown in jail under false charges, his children have been kidnapped from him by the County and State.  The County and State have repeatedly wiped out Clive's companies and career.  In more than a year and a half of hearings in the lawsuit Clive filed against nine judges, commissioner Irwin Joseph, seven cops, four DA�s, his ex wife Anamaria Tichatschke, her lawyer and my former Personal Assistant for multiple serious crimes committed against Clive and his children not one of the defendants made any appearance or even picked up pen and paper to deny the charges.  The third lawsuit can be found here InfoTelesys Lawsuit.  A video relating to what they have done to Clive and what Clive was involved in can be found here Background Video 

Clive's ex wife who was paid out for the home pursuant to a July 31, 2002 Court Order that was Stipulated is now claiming she has a right to Clive's home � Clive had to pay her out more than five years ago or put the home on the market for sale pursuant to the stipulated court order which is a final judgment.  She was more than paid out and owes Clive more than $300,000 in the settlement, ignoring the multi million dollar lawsuits Clive filed against her which she refused to answer.

One reaches a point when the State moves to steal your home and everything you have where you have exhausted all legal remedy, when you ask the question as to how someone should one deal with criminals who act under the color of law?  The judges, sheriffs, DA and lawyers are nothing less than a bunch of filthy criminals.  How should we deal with criminals?

The Judges, Sheriffs, DA, lawyers and Clive's ex wife and her lawyer have admitted guilt for multiple serious crimes they committed against Clive, their guilt is irrefutable. 

It certainly looks like the Santa Cruz Superior Court and Sheriffs are setting up another situation to murder Clive.  As a consequence of five years of outrageous malicious prosecution Clive does not have the capital to move even if he wanted to.  Clive is being forced to stand and defend his rights, will it be another Government Whack job?  Will the Sheriffs succeed in murdering Clive this time?

Irwin Joseph is issuing these orders to evict Clive from Clive's home while Irwin Joseph tries to unlawfully to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive filed against him.

If you can please call whatever media you know and let them know what is going on.  Call the Santa Cruz Superior Court and ask them how Commissioner Irwin Joseph to whom Clive Boustred has not acceded jurisdiction to has a right to issue an order evicting Clive from his home especially when Irwin Joseph is a primary named defendant in the lawsuit Clive Boustred filed against him.  Call the Sheriffs and ask them how on earth they can enforce such a clearly unlawful order especially after all the crimes they have committed against Clive and his children.

Santa Cruz Sheriff Steve Robbins (831) 454-2000

Sgt. Fred Plageman Santa Cruz Sheriffs  (831) 454-2986

Sgt Christy Swanson Santa Cruz Sheriffs (831) 471-1121 & (831) 454-2440

Santa Cruz Superior Court Watsonville, 1 Second St. Watsonville, CA 95076 TEL: 831-786-7200

Irwin Jsoeph: 2220 Benson Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Superior Court  As for the Presiding Judge. 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 TEL: 831-420-2200

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Department 701 Ocean St # 340, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 - Sheriff Steve Robbins TEL (831) 454-2000

Anamaria Tichatschke & Steffen Tichatschke - 3320 Fairway Dr. Soquel, CA, 95073-2724 Home: (831) 476-7250 Cell: (831) 419-4891 Mobile: (408) 348-3913


LATEST Wednesday 4, June 2008

Santa Cruz Sheriffs state that they will not enforce Commissioner Irwin Joseph's illegal order.  We need to see more public servants also standing up to the criminals on the bench.  The response from the Santa Cruz Sheriffs is encouraging, however, clearly the problem citizens face with a judiciary of thugs and thieves is significant.  The Courts who act as corporations with EIN and Dun & Bradstreet numbers to divide their loot amongst the thieves that run the courts, are clearly the lynch mob for the mafia that controls the government in the U.S.  Irwin Joseph, Vicki Parry & Anamaria Tichatschke's further criminal acts naturally caused significant disruption with the launch preparations of CopperCards and an extremely uncomfortable situation for the founder of Liberty For Life Association.  Next steps is to prosecute these criminals.


LATEST UPDATE Friday 30, May 2008 PM

After calling Judge Whyte's Courtroom Deputy Jackie Garcia and indicating that Judge Ronald Whyte had yet been qualified and that the Plaintiffs had void ire questions for the judge, Mrs Garcia told Clive to come down to the court for the hearing.  When Clive's turn came up for hearing, Clive went forward and Mrs. Garcia told Clive that they needed to hear one other case then they would hear Clive's case.  However, clearly the court had no intention of allowing Clive to question the judge as they called for a recess immediately after that case.  With the ex parte hearing scheduled for 1:00 pm, naturally, Clive had no option but to inform Mrs. Garcia that he had to go to a hearing to remove the risk of another potential murder attempt and he left for Santa Cruz at around 11:30.

Picking up CopperCards Chief Counsel in Santa Cruz then heading out to the new high security Family Court

What clearly appeared to be a collusion between Judge Whyte's court and Commissioner Irwin Joseph in the Santa Cruz Court, 

This morning Clive went down for his 9:00 am hearing scheduled in U.S. District Court San Jose.

The very week Clive launches fundraising for CopperCards, Commissioner Irwin Joseph, one of the primary defendants in the lawsuits the

The Santa Cruz Superior Court and judges chambers can be reached at (831) 420-2200


Thursday 29, May 2008 - Commissioner Irwin Joseph rushes in to hear case on his day off.

Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph one of the primary defendant in the case Clive filed against Santa Cruz County for attempted murder, kidnap and other extremely serious charges rushed into court on his day off to hear the ex parte hearing to have the utterly illegal order he issued to evict Clive out of Clive's home.  Naturally, the little prick denied Clive's motion to set aside the order "Irwin" issued without subject matter jurisdiction or any legal or factual basis.

The question we must now ask is what to do with a criminal like Irwin H. Joseph who acts under the color of law to commit crimes with the support of our government.  These court's don't follow the law, they break it.

Void orders are of no legal force and anyone attempting to enforce a void order naturally does so without any lawful authority and risks the consequences.

Will the government attempt to murder Clive again?  Stay posted for next steps. 


LATEST Thursday 29, May 2008 

The very week Clive launches fundraising for CopperCards, Commissioner Irwin Joseph, one of the primary defendants in the lawsuits the Founder of Liberty For Life, Clive Boustred, filed against the government has unlawfully issued an order to have Clive evicted from Clive's home on Friday the 23 of May, the very day the government has scheduled to have a hearing to have Irwin Joseph dismissed as a defendant in the case Clive filed against them.

See US District Court, Northern District of California Judge Ronald M. Whyte Courtroom 4th Floor, #6 Calendar:
Friday 05/23/2008: 09:00 AM C-08-00546-RMW CLIVE FRANK BOUSTRED, et al. V. GOVERNMENT AND COUNTY OF SANTA CRUZ, et al. Defendant Joseph Irwin's Motion to Dismiss

Joseph is trying to have himself dismissed from the case where he is a primary defendant (C08 00546 U.S. District Court San Jose). Clive was informed via voice mail on Wednesday 21, May, by Judge Ronald M. Whyte's Courtroom Deputy: Jackie Lynn Garcia (408) 535-5375 that Judge Whyte had assumed jurisdiction of the case even before Clive could ask any void ire questions of the judge and also in violation of the 11th Amendment which specifically precludes any Judicial Power, such as Judge Whyte's in the case filed against the State. Judge Whyte has apparently issued an order to dismiss the case in thirty days if Clive does not according to the apparent ruling somehow 'properly serve' Commissioner Irwin Joseph.  Irwin Joseph was served in open court by a third party process server, so the service is even on the record, and in court Irwin Joseph has repeatedly acknowledged on the record that he is a defendant in the case, while the Attorney General has also acknowledged that Irwin Joseph has been served.

One could not have more affirmation and confirmation that Irwin Joseph has more than been served.  The almost comical behavior of these Courts efforts to prevent Clive from ever taking his case to trial is absurd, however, Irwin Joseph's order to have Clive evicted from his home by the Sheriffs who without any legal basis five years earlier literally attempted to blow Clive's head off in front of his children, is somewhat chilling.

See also: Murder for Hire In Santa Cruz The Curious Career of Irwin Joseph:

And America's Courts, City Hall, Child Protective Services, And More Threats In Ways You Never Imagined

Clive filed for an ex parte hearing on Friday at 1:00 pm in the Santa Cruz Watsonville Family Court in an attempt to have the void eviction order set aside.  When Clive went to the hearing, the Clerk of the court at first said that Clive could not have the ex parte hearing because the court was not put on notice (the were and the Clive's ex Anamaria Tichatschke was there with her lawyer Vicki J. Parry).  When it became apparent that the court was noticed, the Clerk of the Court insisted that Clive go in front of Commisioner Irwin Joseph for the hearing.  An attorney who accompanied Clive, Kate Wells, requested to be put before a judge, the Clerks refused.  Finally the Clerk said that Clive would have to take the matter up with the Presiding Judge Robert Atack.  

Video of interaction with Clerk at the Santa Cruz Superior 'Family" Court in Watsonville Refusing Access to Independent Judge

  Santa Cruz Superior 'Family" Court Refusing Independent Judge

Clive and Kate drove from Watsonville to Santa Cruz to find Judge Atack.  The judges chambers told Kate Wells that Atack was not there.  After indicating the seriousness of the situation that looked like a setup for murder (Anamaria Tichatschke & Vicki Parry used the same ex parte hearing procedure to obtain another void order that they used to setup the situation where the sheriffs literally shot at Clive).  The receptionist mistook the information and incorrectly assumed that there may be a setup for the murder of Judge Atack and not Clive.  Shortly thereafter, Judge Attack appeared from the chambers to find out what was going on.

After Clive explained to Robert Atack that Irwin Joseph had issued an order to evict him from his home on absolutely no evidence and the fact that the situation emulated the setup that was used to get the sheriffs to shoot at him five years ago, Judge Atack told Clive that as a judicial officer he did not have any authority to set aside a commissioners order and that the order stood. 

Interestingly, it was Judge Atack who issued the order six years earlier to order Clive's ex, Anamaria Tichatshke out of Clive's home after she made her first false CPS and 911 calls.  Atack ordered that Clive pay out his ex in 30 days or the home was to be put on the market and sold.  Clive paid out his ex, however, she refused to sign any quitclaim. 

8 months later Anamaria resumed making false police calls after gaining an emergency order to set aside a Stipulated Custody Order that barred Stefan Tichatschke from access to Clive and Anamaria's children.  Stefan Tichatschke was Clive's former Personal Assistant who had confessed problems with drugs, pornography and sex.  Anamaria used that void order to setup a situation where she dumped hers and Clive's three year old son in the middle of a learner ski run.  When Clive went to rescue his son, Stefan Tichatschke skied down and tried to start a fight with Clive while Anamaria attempted to make another false 911 call.  Clive picked up his kids, drove back to Santa Cruz and went the next day to court whit his kids to get a restraining order to prevent Anamaria from resuming false 911 calls.  When Clive returned home from the court, a Santa Cruz Sheriff Deputy was at Clive's gate. Clive went to put his children in their home out of harms way and was going to come out and show the sheriffs the TRO he had just filed.  Santa Cruz Sheriffs Shooting Instructor Michael MacDonald ran down Clive's drive way, positioned himself about five to seven feet from Clive's vehicle and shot at Clive.  It's a miracle MacDonald missed.  Clive's three year old son was in the direct line of fire behind Clive and Clive's seven year old son was two feet off the bullet's path.

This latest event looks chillingly like another attempt to setup murder.

Clive Divorce CASE Background:

Very briefly, in 2002 Clive caught his ex Anamaria in an affair with his Personal Assistant, Stefan Tichatschke. After Clive's attempts to save his marriage he agreed to separate amiably. Clive told Anamaria that she would always have a room in his home and that he would always take care of her and that she could do what she wanted. Anamaria never wanted the kids and agreed that Clive have sole custody of the boys. A divorced woman however sent Anamaria to the Woman�s Crisis Center in Santa Cruz who gave her a California Divorce Strategy (shown opposite). Anamaria's first CPS & 911 false calls backfired and she was ordered out of the home & Clive was ordered to pay her out for the home in 30 days or list the property & sell it.  Both Clive and Anamaria agreed to and stipulated to the order.

Clive paid Anamaria out for the home through balancing the assets by taking on liabilities and including the hundreds of thousands Anamaria quietly transferred out of the family accounts while she was committing adultery with Clive's Personal Assistant.

Clive & Anamaria reached another two separation agreements in mediation. All that was needed to do was sign the agreement. However, Anamaria's lawyer, Vicki Parry refused to sign. Next Anamaria called for an ex-parte emergency hearing to modify the stipulated custody order in the case to grant Clive's former personal assistant, a confessed pornographer, drug and sex addict access to Clive & Anamaria's kids. Anamaria used this void exparte order to setup the situation where the cops literally attempted to murder Clive.

The latest effort chillingly mirrors that last effort to have Clive murdered. It very much looks like they were/are trying to setup a situation where the cops have a contrived, yet false excuse again to shoot at Clive.

Anamaria called for an ex parte hearing on Friday the 9th without properly noticing Clive and sought to have Clive kicked out of his home on Monday the 12th at 5:00 pm. For some reason Commissioner Irwin Joseph never issued the order, probably because Clive was not there � however he shortened time for notice and scheduled a hearing on Wednesday 14.

In the hearing at which Clive mad a special appearance, in void ire questioning of Irwin H. Joseph by Clive, IRWIN H. JOSEPH acknowledged that he is currently a defendant in an active U.S. District Court Case which Clive is prosecuting against him and other parties.  IRWIN H. JOSEPH ignored the issue and proceeded to ignore the Motions, legal arguments and Facts Clive had filed in response to the action Anamaria and her lawyer had filed.  Joseph repeatedly unreasonably and impolitely interrupted and silenced Clive and  he then had the bailiff throw Clive out of the courtroom and he continued the hearing without the Clive present and went on to issue the order to evict Clive from his home.

Please call your local news paper and TV and let them in on the story.  Will this be another wack job by the government, are they going to send their thugs to murder Clive?  Raising the question and bringing visibility to the issue may save Clive.

By the way.  The Courts are claiming that Family Court is a court of equity and that there is no right to a trial by jury.  The Federal Judiciary Act (1789) SEC. 16 however states: "And be it further enacted, That suits in equity shall not be sustained in either of the courts of the United States, in any case where plain, adequate and complete remedy may be had at law."  What this means is that every divorce case tried in these courts can be completely dismissed and tried again.  What a mess these criminals in government have created.

The Santa Cruz Superior Court and judges chambers can be reached at (831) 420-2200 

CopperCards develops the Eviction Card - Did you know you may not be evicted without first having your right to a trial by jury?  CopperCards lays it out and makes the CopperCards Eviction Card freely available.   CopperCards Eviction Card can help undermine the two million home evictions that are expected this year. It's quite elementary, we simply utilize the 5th, 6th and 7th Amendments to prove that a citizen is entitled to a trial by jury before they government can evict them. We call this business or legal jujitsu.