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This page is left up for historical reference.

It is important to recognize how utterly out of control the courts are & how justice is simply denied for the most elementary of all rights, the right of a parent to not have their children violently kidnapped from them by the government.

People you could have contacted to ask to help Clive - these are the people responsible for assaulting Clive & his children.

By emailing, writing to and calling the authorities they are made aware that they are being watched.

Please contact any politician you know and ask them to explain why the Santa Cruz Superior Court and the San Jose Federal Court do not follow the law.  Ask them why the Sheriffs who shot at Clive and his children were not prosecuted and why they are prosecuting Clive?  If they tell you it's confidential tell them that it is not confidential that everything in the case is public and published on the Liberty For Life sight and that Clive grants permission to publish and make public every truth in the case.

Call Judge Michel E. Barton and ask him how he thinks he can be unbiased when Clive sued him twice and published more than thirty articles about what a scum bucket he is: 831-786-7200. Call the Attorney General of California and demand Barton and Lee be immediately arrested

Edmund G. Brown, Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
1300 "I" Street
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
Phone: (916) 445-9555

Call DA Bob Lee and his Ass. DA Gretchen Brock and ask them why they are filing the NINTH malicious case against Clive?  Ask them why they prosecuted Clive for driving at 27 mph down a private road and why they do not prosecute the people shooting at Clive, stealing his home and kidnapping his children?

Please call the Santa Cruz Sheriff Phil Wowak (831) 454-2000 and ask why on earth the Sheriffs continue to assault Clive? And ask the Sheriff why he is not arresting Irwin Joseph, Barton, Lee, Atack and Stevens, and MacDonald.

Please also call the Presiding Judge of the Santa Cruz Superior Court 831-420-2200 (Judges Chambers) and ask why the Court continues to hold Clive's children hostage. Ask them how on earth they believe Barton will not be biased against Clive and under what law Barton sentenced Clive to nine years in prison and placed him on probation Ask if Santa Cruz County authorizes and supports blackmail.  And ask them where the Grand Jury Indictment or Presentment is giving them permission to prosecute Clive.



Main person to file complaints Susan A. Mauriello, County Administrative Officer
701 Ocean Street, Room 520
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Information: (831) 454-2100
Fax: (831) 454-3420

Tess E. Fitzgerald, Clerk of the Board
701 Ocean Street, Room 500
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Information: (831) 454-2323
Fax: (831) 454-2327

Santa Cruz Superior Court
Ask for the Presiding Judge Tel: 831-420-2200

Ask for
Judge Michael E. Barton
 701 Ocean Street
 Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Santa Cruz Superior Court Watsonville Branch
Commissioner Irwin Joseph
Tel 831-786-7200
 1 Second St.
 Watsonville, CA 95076;

Santa Cruz District Attorney
Bob Lee
Tel: 831-
 Santa Cruz District Attorney
 701 Ocean St.
 Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Santa Cruz County Sheriff Department
Sheriff Steve Robbins
(831) 454-2000
 701 Ocean St # 340
 Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Sheriff Sgt. Fred Plageman
Tel: 831-454-2986

Sheriff Sgt Christy Swanson
Tel: 831-471-1121

United States District Court San Jose
Judge Ronald M. Whyte who dismissed Clive's case against the County while they held Clive in jail and forced Clive to pay them $200,000 in bail.
Courtroom Deputy: Jackie Lynn Garcia (408) 535-5375  

County Counsel, County of Santa Cruz;
Dana McRaye
701 Ocean Street, Room 505
Santa Cruz CA 95060-4068

Anamaria Tichatschke & Steffen Tichatschke
3320 Fairway Dr
Soquel, CA, 95073-2724
Home: (831) 476-7250
Cell: (831) 419-4891
Mobile: (408) 348-3913

Divorce Lawyer Vicki J. Parry
100 Doyle Street, Suite G,
Santa Cruz CA 95062

California State Attorney General
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 1100,
San Francisco, CA 94102-7004

Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors:
Jan Beautz, Ellen Pirie, Neal Coonerty, Tony Campos, Mark W.Stone
701 Ocean Street,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Letter People Can Send to the Attorney General, Santa Cruz Sheriffs, DA & Judges

Could you please explain why your Deputy shot at Mr. Boustred and his children?

Why has the government filed as many as nine outrageous criminal cases against Mr. Boustred?

Is it your standard practice to assault victims of police brutality?

Could you please explain how you can recognize a clearly unlawful order issued by Commissioner Irwin Joseph to evict Clive Boustred from his home when firstly Mr. Boustred never stipulated to Commissioners Irwin Joseph's general jurisdiction?

Please explain how Judges Michael E. Barton, Samuel S. Stevens, Robert B. Atack and District Attorney Bob Lee who are the primary defendants in Mr. Boustred's lawsuit against Santa Cruz County for outrageous criminal acts committed against Mr. Boustred and his sons are entitled to prosecuted Mr. Boustred or preside over what is outrageous malicious prosecution against Mr. Boustred.

What is the legal basis and the moral basis for your order that Mr. Boustred have no communication with his children? Why are you holding Mr. Boustred's children hostage and why do you not respect the Court Psychiatrist's custody recommendations and the stipulated Court order in that regard?

Could you also please explain why the Santa Cruz Sheriffs took Mr. Boustred's children from him and why the Sheriffs have not returned Mr. Boustred's children to him?

I am also interested why the sheriffs filed all those false charges against Mr. Boustred. And why was Mr. Boustred sentenced to six months in jail for driving 27 mph down his private road? Do you consider driving at 27 mph down a private road a Felony?

Why has the Deputy Sheriff Michael Macdonald who shot at Mr. Boustred and clearly lied on the record not been prosecuted? Have you promoted Deputy MacDonald to a Sergeant?

Do you believe the Sheriffs, Judges and DA in Santa Cruz are above the law and have a right to commit crimes against citizens without consequence?

I understand that when Federal Court asked Santa Cruz to explain some of these issues all Santa Cruz could response with was a "Notice of Non Interest". As a private citizen a Notice of Non Interest will not answer my questions it will only raise more questions.

Your careful explanations to these most basic questions will hopefully answer my concerns. I demand a through investigation as to what exactly is going on in Santa Cruz.