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Dada's Letter to Richard and William

Dear Richard & William,Slideshow image

I am writing this letter to you in case something happens to me. I can’t send it to you because Ana, her lawyer Vicky and Irwin Joseph have made a very bad and criminal order that says that I may not in any way write to you or even talk to you. Even though their order is wrong and completely illegal I am forced to follow it because the Sheriffs in Santa Cruz are also very bad. The Sheriffs and other judges in Santa Cruz already threw me in jail because Ana and Vicky worked with Irwin Joseph to make an illegal order to steal our home. When I did not leave our home, even though I sent lots of proof to the Sheriffs that Irwin Joseph’s order that I leave our home was wrong and illegal, the Sheriffs came and arrested me when I was coming to pick you up on September 6, 2008. 

So I can’t talk to you or even write to you because the Sheriff’s and Judges in Santa Cruz will throw me in jail again. Judge Samuel S. Steven, who is also a very bad man and a criminal, tried to make sure that I stayed in jail and the District Attorney in Santa Cruz Bob Lee is trying to make me go to jail for the rest of my life, he is also a very very bad man. While I was in jail Irwin Joseph tried to get the lawsuit I filed against him thrown out so that he does not have to follow the law. Judge Steven and DA Lee are also trying to throw me in jail so that the lawsuit we filed against them is not used to make them follow the law too. I had to pay $200,000 to get out of jail

Because the Santa Cruz Sheriffs and Judges have kept on filing false cases against me which has wiped out Dada’s companies and cost me allot of money and because they have also stolen our home, I don’t have any home or money to look after myself and you. So I am working very hard on earning some money so that I can hire a good lawyer to help me get you back and to also get our house back or to find another place to stay where the government are not a bunch of filthy criminals. Good lawyers are very hard to find. But we have to get a lawyer to help us find a court where they are honorable and where they follow he law so that we can get the court to honor the only lawful custody order there is which is the one that Ana agreed to in 2002 where you boys stay with me.

Even though very bad things have happened to us, you must always remember that God will take care of you. The work God has now given Dada is one of the most exciting jobs I have ever had. I cannot tell you exactly what I am doing but I can tell you that the company we are now building will be one of the biggest companies ever because they have made something that will make the world a much better and a much safer place. The people I am working with in this company are very nice people. That is how God works. You need to learn what the world “integrity” means and what “righteous” means. Always, even if something happens to me, walk your life with integrity and be righteous, even when very bad people do very wrong things to you.

You also need to remember how Jesus forgave bad people for doing very bad things to them. If you cannot forgive people for doing bad things to you it just eats you up and you cannot enjoy your life. Remember there is always another day. Remember even if it is a rainy day that a sunny day will come. Remember that even if you are sad today, that you will be happy again some other day. Remember that when you hurt, that it will get better and you will feel like you are on the top of the world again one day. Remember that if we learn to walk with integrity and are righteous that we will go to heaven and we will walk with God who knows how to fix everything and that you me and your brother will always be together in heaven and that no one can stop us from being together in heaven.

I know that Twin Lakes Church has blocked access to Liberty For Life, so putting this letter here on the site will keep it safe from these bad people from saying that I was “communicating with you” because you can not get to this site. At least I know that one day when you are allowed to get this letter, some good person will give it to you.

I could not even wish you Happy Christmas or send you cards, Yummie I cannot even send you a birthday card and I could not even send you presents because Ana, Vicky and Urine will say that that was communicating with you and the bad Sheriffs and Judges in Santa Cruz will throw me in jail again. I have bought you presents though and my friend Steve has them at his house in case something happens to me, then he can give them to you. Shasha it was just that thing you saw at Outdoor World which you liked so much. Yummie I got you another little friend and also some more Lego’s because you are so good at building them. Shasha I am not sure where your radio controlled plane is, I hope it is still at our house, you must not be afraid to fly it, we always crash sometimes. What you must remember always is that you can put the pieces back together again and fly it again or build another one. Remember that in life too, you can always get up when someone knocks you down. You can always get back what was taken away and sometimes God gives you back even better things. But that is not the only reason you must get up and try to fix things and forgive people who are bad, you must realize that in every situation however bad it is you can find something beautiful and wonderful.

I remember that day the Sheriffs shot at us and kidnapped you from me and threw me in jail. I was so upset in jail but a man, who I am sure was an angel, showed me a beautiful sunbeam shining in through the bars of the jail and I realized that in every situation you can find something beautiful. From that moment on, even though I was in jail, my heart was free. Always keep your heart free, no matter what happens to you or me.

Pray that we will be ok. God has kept us safe all this time. Do you remember when that bad Sheriff shot at us, how the bullet missed us even though he shot at us from such a short range? It was a miracle that the bullet missed us. God works miracles. You must read all the stories in the Bible. Read about Job in the book of Job and read about David. God loved Job and David very much and some very horrible things happened to them just as horrible things have happened to us. God loves you very much so does you’re Dada. Sometimes God gives us these things to teach us to show love to those who are bad to us and to learn to trust in Him no matter what happens.

Our lives are to learn to walk with integrity and to be righteous so that in heaven we can walk with God. Always do everything with integrity and be righteous no matter what happens to you or the people you love so very much. We will be together in heaven.

God will take care of us. I love you more than word can ever say. I love you so very much and I miss you so, so, so, so, so much!

There are lots of little boys down where I am working and they all want to play with you.  We have horses, ATV's, big hot air balloons and airplanes here.   I hope you can come here soon.

Your ever loving Dada.  I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

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