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Commissioner IRWIN H. JOSEPH is not a Judge, that means he needs to get permission to act as a judge from the parties to a Case.  The Court will present the parties with a form to sign where they agree to accept the Commissioner as a judge.  Without that agreement a Commissioner has as much power making an order as any old Joe.

On Jan 24 - 06, Clive filed a Federal Lawsuit listing IRWIN H. JOSEPH as the primary defendant.

To read the lawsuit directly go here: InfoTelesys Lawsuit in Word format: Clive Frank Boustred



On May 14 - 08, IRWIN H. JOSEPH issued an illegal order to evict Clive from his Home & Office on May 23 - 08

On May 23 - 08 IRWIN H. JOSEPH attempts to have himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive filed against him on the very day he ordered Clive evicted!


Clive and attorney Kate Wells call the Santa Cruz Sheriffs who agree that the order issued by IRWIN H. JOSEPH to evict Clive from his home is clearly illegal, they do nothing.

On Aug 27 - 08 IRWIN H. JOSEPH issues a second illegal order evicting Clive from his home on Sep 2 - 08

Clive and attorney Kate Wells call the Santa Cruz Sheriffs who this time say they are not sure if the order IRWIN H. JOSEPH issued is legal or not. Clive sends the Santa Cruz Sheriffs an extensive email proving well beyond any reasonable doubt that the order is illegal and that Clive paid his ex-wife off according to the Stipulated Order in 2002.  The Sheriffs setup an appointment with Clive on Sep 3, 2008 which the Sheriffs then delayed to September 9, 2008.

When Clive went to pick up his children from his ex-wife on Sep 6, 08, a swat team of Sheriffs arrested Clive claiming that Clive made an unknown threat on an unknown public official.  They set the bail at $200,000.

On Sep 12 - 08 while Clive was under false arrest with bail set at $200,000 from the illegal eviction order IRWIN H. JOSEPH issued, JOSEPH had another hearing to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against him.  Naturally Clive could not attend the hearing.

At the same time the Sheriffs placed Clive under false arrest, they falsely arrested Clive's friend at Clive's home and held him in jail for 6 hours while they broke into and searched Clive's home breaking into and stealing Clive's safe's and who know what else.  They had no search warrant nor any right to enter Clive's property. 

The Sheriffs claimed that because Clive drove at 27mph down his private road before they attempted to murder Clive in front of his children on March 10, 2003, that Clive was therefore a felon and they charged Clive four more felonies for the guns Clive had purchased legally, increasing the bail to $200,000.  Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee continues to eagerly prosecute the 7th, 8th and 9th malicious and false cases filed against Clive since the Sheriffs shot at Clive and his children on March 10, 03.

In jail the Sheriffs would only bring Clive before judges he was suing.  On Sep 10, the Sheriffs brought Clive before Judge Jeff Almquist who is also a defendant in the lawsuit Clive is prosecuting against Santa Cruz County, Judge Almquist properly dismisses himself and Clive is sent back to jail (Later however Judge Almquist steps in to dismiss the Grand Jury Indictment against Irwin H. Joseph).  Despite Clive having been held well beyond the legal limits, the Sheriffs next bring Clive before Judge Samuel S. Steven, a long time defendant in the cases Clive is prosecuting against the unholy cross of Santa Cruz.  In the hearing before Steven's Clive asked to see the Verified Criminal Complaint and the Grand Jury Indictment (Mandated by the 5th Amendment and due process), Stevens proceeded to enter a plea for Clive against Clive's objections and then had the Sheriffs throw Clive back in jail.

While Clive was held in jail IRWIN H. JOSEPH got even more malicious, without any hearing he issued an order that Clive not communicate with his children! The Santa Cruz sheriffs and court are to this very day more than two months later still enforcing the order that Clive may in no way even communicate with his sons Richard and William.

Most astonishing in this and many other cases is the behavior of spouses.  It has and is Anamaria Tichatschke, Clive's ex who has in every instance filed motions to prevent Clive from communicating with his children, as shown below.  The question one must ask is what drives someone like Anamaria to seek to prevent her children's from even talking to their father?  Clearly Clive is a good man and an outstanding father, his children are desperate to live with their dad and do not want to live with their mother. Does Anamaria believe that by preventing her children from communicating with their father that some how the children will want to live with her and not their dad?  What is the psychological condition that drives such irrational behavior?  Is Vicky Parry, Anamaria's lawyer, the one driving this insanity?  Vicky Parry destroyed three separate settlement agreements Anamaria and Clive reached, clearly, the more messed up a case, the more money a lawyer makes.  Is this what 'Family Law' in Californian Courts is all about "Lots of Attorney Wages"?

Anamaria's Motions to prevent Clive from communicating with his children.  These motions were 'heard' without any notice or hearing by IRWIN H. JOSEPH while Clive was being held under false arrest with bail set at $200,000 - Clive was simply handed the Order issued by IRWIN H. JOSEPH barring him from any contact with his children after the fact.  When Clive went to the next hearing following the 'temporary order', the bailiff prevented Clive from even entering the court and threatened to arrest Clive, Clive had a Grand Jury Indictment/Presentment for Irwin H. Joseph:

This case reflects the state of the Californian Courts, the Courts in the United States of America and the government in the U.S. 

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