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Clive Divorce CASE Background:

Very briefly, in 2002 Clive caught his ex Anamaria in an affair with his Personal Assistant, Stefan Tichatschke. From the timing and nature of Tichatschke paying to be Clive's personal assistant it appears that Tichatschke was intentionally sent to disrupt the technology company Clive was building

After Clive's attempts to save his marriage he agreed to separate amiably. Clive told Anamaria that she would always have a room in his home and that he would always take care of her and that she could do what she wanted. Anamaria never wanted the kids and agreed that Clive have sole custody of the boys. A divorced woman however sent Anamaria to the Woman’s Crisis Center in Santa Cruz who gave her a California Divorce Strategy (shown opposite). Anamaria's first CPS & 911 false calls backfired and she was ordered out of the home & Clive was ordered to pay her out for the home in 30 days or list the property & sell it.  Both Clive and Anamaria agreed to and stipulated to the order.

Clive paid Anamaria out for the home through balancing the assets by taking on liabilities and including the hundreds of thousands Anamaria quietly transferred out of the family accounts while she was committing adultery with Clive's Personal Assistant.

Clive & Anamaria reached another two separation agreements in mediation. All that was needed to do was sign the agreement. However, Anamaria's lawyer, Vicki Parry refused to sign. Next Anamaria called for an ex-parte emergency hearing to modify the stipulated custody order in the case to grant Clive's former personal assistant, a confessed pornographer, drug and sex addict access to Clive & Anamaria's kids. Anamaria used this void exparte order to setup the situation where the cops literally attempted to murder Clive:

Sheriffs Shoot @ Clive & Kids - Murder Attempt No Denial - kidnap-by-court - Cover Up - False Charges - Proof Of Innocence


The latest effort chillingly mirrors that last effort to have Clive murdered. It very much looks like they were/are trying to setup a situation where the cops have a contrived yet false excuse to again shoot at Clive.

Anamaria called for an ex parte hearing on Friday the 9th May, 2008 without properly noticing Clive and sought to have Clive kicked out of his home on Monday the 12th May 2008 at 5:00 pm. For some reason Commissioner Irwin Joseph never issued the order, probably because Clive was not there – however he shortened time for notice and scheduled a hearing on Wednesday 14 of May 2008.

In the hearing on the 24th of May, 2008, at which Clive made a special appearance, in voidire questioning of Irwin H. Joseph by Clive, IRWIN H. JOSEPH acknowledged that he is currently a defendant in an active U.S. District Court Case which Clive is prosecuting against him and other parties.  IRWIN H. JOSEPH ignored the issue and proceeded to ignore the Motions, legal arguments and Facts Clive had filed in response to the action Anamaria and her lawyer had filed.  Joseph repeatedly unreasonably and impolitely interrupted and silenced Clive and  he then had the bailiff throw Clive out of the courtroom and he continued the hearing without the Clive present and went on to issue the order to evict Clive from his home on the very day Joseph filed to get himself dismissed from the lawsuit Clive was prosecuting against him see Comm. Irwin Joseph's Crimes.

To read what happened next go to Latest Gov Assault on Clive - most recent events on top.


By the way.  The Courts are claiming that Family Court is a court of equity and that there is no right to a trial by jury.  The Federal Judiciary Act (1789) SEC. 16 however states: "And be it further enacted, That suits in equity shall not be sustained in either of the courts of the United States, in any case where plain, adequate and complete remedy may be had at law."  What this means is that every divorce case tried in these courts can be completely dismissed and tried again.  What a mess these criminals in government have created.

The Santa Cruz Superior Court and judges chambers can be reached at (831) 420-2200 

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