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7th Malicious Prosecution
CHP Assaults & Places Under False Arrest LFL & CC Chairman

In the 7th Malicious Prosecution against LFL Founder since the governments assassination attempt on Clive's life failed in 2003, Clive is charged with being drunk in public when he was neither drunk nor in public.  The whole 7th case and 5th false arrest was captured on video showing that the cops have no idea as to the most elementary elements of the law.  The video also shows the cops assaulting Clive, however, it's Clive the government is prosecuting, the same as when the Sheriffs shot at Clive and his children.

See - Ass DA Fraud and Motions to dismiss sham trial.

By now Clive knows what to expect, however he never expected to be rushed into a trial without any ability to hire or be provided counsel, however, well aware of the criminal nature of cops, DA's and Judges, Clive documented this trial well.  Expect the audio of the trial shortly.  This is yet another classic example of how out of control the police, DA and judiciary really are.  CHP stops the pickup Clive is traveling as a passenger in and demands to see the licenses of the passengers in the back of the pickup.  Clive hands the cop his business card which more than sufficiently identifies him, even though Clive could have simply refused to identify himself - see the Lawson case which is a tremendous example of what one person can do without many resources http://edwardlawson.com/  Edward Lawson is a National Hero and should be saluted by all of us.  The cops then sought to belittle Clive and demanded that Clive announce his age in front of all his friends.  Clive refused, telling the cops to run his name.  Then Clive asked the cops why they had stopped the vehicle, what the MENS REA, ACTUS REUS and CORPUS DELICTI of the crime they were investigating was.  To his astonishment, and somewhat amusement, the cops never even knew what these three elements they would have learned in 101 Law were.  For every crime there must exist all three elements of a crime: MENS REA - willful intent, ACTUS REUS - act or crime, CORPUS DELICTI - the damage or body of the crime.  It's not a crime if there is no Act, Intent and Damage!  The rooky cops were clueless so they decided to pick on Clive.

What is so amazing in the US is how trained and subservient the general public is.  What does the 9th Amendment dictate?  Your right shall not diminish.  So, if you could ride in the back of a pickup truck in 2007, why could you not continue riding in the back of a pickup.  Does the government have a right to intervene in our lives.  When will the government order how you poop?  Seriously, some societies insist, not unreasonably that sitting on a toilet seat is filthy, their toilets are simply holes in the ground.  So when will the government order you to poop in a hole in the ground?

After Clive exercised his reasonable and lawful right to refuse to publically announce his age, the cops ask Clive to get out of the truck.  Clive asks, "Is that a request or an arrest?", when the cop says it is a request, Clive exercises his right and refuses the request.  The cops then eventually order Clive to exit the truck, which Clive could have refused, however, by now the cops training in creating conflict had driven Clive's complaint friends into a frenzy, so Clive complied and got off the truck.  Announcing in a tired voice recognizing that he is going to be falsely arrested again, he answers the drive of the truck (whom Clive never knew) as to why he was standing up for his rights "Because I was born in Africa and I emigrated to America to.." before Clive could finish the cop violently assaults Clive.  The cops grab Clive's camera and quickly switch it off while they assault Clive.  In the last part of the video, you can hear Clive's friend asking the cop to give her back Clive's camera.

The video clearly shows that Clive is well able to care for himself and is certainly not intoxicated as charged, that he identified himself with his business card to the CHP officer more than meeting the requirements of identification of a person who is not driving and who does not have their drivers license on them. However, what is shown here is that the CHP officer literally assaults Clive. The officers along with Santa Cruz DA Bob Lee filed charges against Clive and gave him a sham trial where Clive was found guilty of resisting arrest, the jury did not find Clive guilt of public intoxication, Clive was not in public and he was not intoxicated. Does this mean that cops can order you out of a vehicle and assault you and accuse you of whatever?

Click here For the Trial Presentation

On April 1, 2009 the Courts abandoned the law again and Liberty For Life Founder was rushed into trial without any right to counsel.

See the menu on the left for more on this case.

Request For Help Clive Sent to TV, News & Radio Stations:

I am being brought to trial without any right to counsel.  Do you have any idea what I can do?  The Courts are flat out refusing to follow the law.  Having committed no crime, I am facing life in prison.

As a consequence of 9 maliciously prosecuted cases and ongoing assault from Santa Cruz County officials since they shot at me in front of my children in 2003, I can no longer afford counsel.  I asked for a public defender but the Court has refused to give me one. 

The 7th case goes to trial this Monday.  I asked for an extension so that I can use money coming into a company I am working for to be used for hiring an attorney (I work for a green power company that powers generators with water- we have no pollution, the only byproduct is H2O).  The court refused any extension.

In the case to be tried on Monday, I was traveling lying down in the back of a pickup truck with four friends.  The cops stopped the pickup and demanded our licenses, I did not have my license on me but handed them my business card.  They arrested me and accused me of being drunk in public and interfering with an investigation.  I was neither drunk nor in public while the amusing part of the 'investigation' is that when I asked the cops what the Mens Rea, Actus Reus or Corpus Delicti of the crime they were investigating was, they did not even know what the three necessary legal elements of a crime are.  The whole thing was caught on tape. See http://www.libertyforlife.com/abuse/irwin_joseph.htm

They refused to give me a breath analyzer or blood test.  In 2006 they arrested me when I was driving and gave me the clown tests, eight blow job tests and three blood tests, I passed every test and they still arrested me and stole my vehicle.  I sued them however they refused to allow me to bring that case to trial.  Despite the CHP officer failing to make any appearance, the U.S. District Court refused to give me the Summary Judgment I was entitled to.

Clearly this case as in all 9 cases the government has filed against me are retaliatory in an attempt to silence me and the crimes they are actively committing against my children and I and against general liberty or anyone who dares to claim their rights under the law.  I suspect the companies I was building that could completely fix the financial mess the U.S. is in and take the country into an economic boom are the reasons I am being targeted.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I can be reached at clive@libertyforlife.com naturally I am scrambling to prepare for a trial I am not ready for and don't have any counsel to assist me.  The trial is scheduled to start in Department 1 of the Santa Cruz Superior Court 701 Ocean Street at 9:30 am on Monday April 6, 2009.

Despite there clearly being no case for the government, I am particularly concerned as when they shot at me and my children they sent me to jail for six months.  The Santa Cruz Court said that driving along an empty private road at 27mph is a felony.  All my appeals were denied.

On the 23rd of April they are bringing five more false felony charges and one misdemeanor charge against me in the 8th and 9th malicious prosecutions.

–These cases are based on the primary defendant in my lawsuit against the County, Commissioner Irwin Joseph issuing an unlawful order to evict me from my home the very day Joseph was trying to have himself dismissed from the lawsuit I was prosecuting against the County http://www.libertyforlife.com/abuse/commissioner_irwin_josephs_crimes.htm

Because I sent the Sheriffs fifteen legal proofs that Josephs eviction order was illegal, they said that I threatened an unknown public official, a felony.  And they say that because I own guns which I purchased with permits I am guilty of four more felonies.

The government has taken everything from me, my home, my children, my companies and my liberty.  I could not even wish my son’s Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday, I am not aloud to communicate with my boys in any way.  This is so wrong.  Clearly neither I nor my children have any legal rights in the courts.  I have committed no crime yet the government keeps on filing false case after false case against me.  I am an honest hard working citizen risking my life for the United States of America; all I can do is to appeal to my fellow citizens for help. 

With much appreciation,

Clive Boustred
Chairman: Liberty For Life Association, InfoTelesys, Inc., CopperCards Association.