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March 10, 2003 TRO Clive Filed Before Sheriffs Shoot At Him & Children - Court Refuses To Hear TRO

This Temporary Restraining Order Clive filed the morning the Sheriffs shot at Clive and his children would have been automatically issued and a date set for hearing within three days to address the matter.  Clive followed the law, the Sheriffs and Court violently broke the law and sent Clive to jail. Judge Michael E. Barton rushed in to commit more outrageous acts against Clive and his children after the sheriffs shot at Clive with Clive's children in the direct line of fire.  Barton immediately ordered that Clive not communicate with his children.  These poor little boys who nearly had their dads brains blown all over them and who also came within inches of their own bodies being blown apart, then hear and see the Sheriffs violently assaulting their father after the assassination attempt failed.  The sheriffs and Court then take these little boys and hand them to the man who had broken up their family, a man who was barred by a Stipulated Court Order from having any contact with them, a man who admitted to having problems with drugs, sex and pornography.  When Clive sought a right to communicate with and see his children Judge Barton and Judge Samuel S. Stevens flat out denied Clive any right to see or communicate with his children they even denied Clive's father, the boys grand father, any right to see the boys!

One month after holding the boys completely isolated from their father, District Attorney Bob Lee ordered that Richard, Clive's seven year old son be interrogated in an attempt to trick Richard into being a witness against his father see Interrogating A 7 Year Old

One needs to ask what sort of person given the position of a judge, sheriff or district attorney would behave like these men and women have. 

Child Protective Services stepped in and filed Clive's name in California's Central Child Abuse Index as 'inconclusive'.  Imagine the slander and libel of having YOUR name filed along with pedophiles and other criminals.  However when Clive repeatedly asked CPS to investigate as to why the sheriff shot at his children, CPC consistently refused to look into the near murder of Clive's two boys, instead CPS looked for ways to prosecute Clive!  When Clive sued all these criminals in Federal court, not one of them dared to make a single appearance which is an admission of guilt and entitled Clive to an automatic summary judgment.   Then the judges got their colleague to simply dismiss Clive's case on bogus claims and astonishingly the claim that they the government can commit whatever crimes they want against us because they claim they have sovereign immunity.  The treason of such a claim in the USA would have been enough to get the public to hall the judges, DA's, sheriffs and CPS workers out to the closest treason tree.  The government is so astonishingly out of control it's mind boggling, but to harm little boys like this is simply too much.

The Verified Criminal Complaint Clive Filed Before The Shooting

It should be noted that the lethal weapon the Sheriffs Shooting Instructor shot at Clive and the children with, from the range he shot at, is more deadly than a side arm (the sheriffs pistol).

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