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Jefferson In Jail?

How many of the Founders of the United States of America would this government lock up?

Without lawful or reasonable reason (other than to assassinate an individual who like John F. Kennedy who was implementing an alternate non-fradulent non-fiat banking system), the Shooting Instructor for the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, Michel MacDonald, ran up to Clive's car and from a range of five to seven feet shot at Clive. Clive's two sons aged three and seven were in the direct line of fire behind Clive.

To cover up the failed assassination attempt the government sentenced Clive to six months in jail for driving at 27 mph down his private road, which the judge, Art Danner, an nationally renowned criminal, clamed was a felony. The Appellate System all the way to the California Supreme Court and also Federal Court all claimed driving 27 mph down a private road was a felony, which means the courts see every American as a Felon, hence the right under Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation to throw Americans into Slave Labor Camps and subject them to Involuntary Servitude of illegal taxation. A Nationwide analysis of the Appellate system by law professors proved the Appellate system as being just as corrupt as the lower courts - see the "Tainted Trials / Stolen Justice" series. The government even entered Clive's name in the Central Felons Index and the Central Child Abuse index!

Judge Michel E. Barton, Robert B. Atack and Samuel. S. Stevens, John Salazar and Commissioner Irwin H. Joseph, District Attorney Bob Lee and his Ass. Stephen Drottar, Gretchen Brock, along with countless other State and Federal judges including Jeremy Fogel, James Ware, Ronald White and Judge Jury teamed up against Clive and made sure he was barred from communicating in any way with his sons, barred from going with 100 yards of his home and office which they illegally sold and handed the proceeds to his adulterous ex-wife who was paid off for the home six years earlier. For a small sample of how these criminals act under the color of law, take a look at Commissioner Irwin Joseph's Crimes.

The disregard for the law and the most basic human rights by judges, sheriffs and District Attorneys across the Nation is astonishing. The Declaration of Independence Jefferson wrote more than two hundred years ago is more applicable today than it was when King George claimed sovereignty over the people.

Santa Cruz District Attorney Bob Lee and his Ass. Gretchen Brock are now attempting, with the cooperation of Judges Michel E. Barton, Samuel S. Stevens and Robert Atack in the ninth malicious prosecution against Clive, to send Clive to prison for up to a decade because Clive owns lawfully purchased guns.

After baring arms against Clive and his children, kidnapping his children, wiping out his businesses and capital and stealing his home, the government now wants to lock Clive up for lawfully owning arms!

If the government can go after good men like Clive and get away with it, no one is safe, anywhere in the world. This government would as quickly lock up Thomas Jefferson himself.

Until the private Federal Reserve Bank, who makes money out of nothing and owns all the politicians, judges, cops, corporations and the military and prison industrial complexes across the nation in addition to your home and children, is shut down, there will be no liberty and we will continue to be subject to their repeated staged wars, recessions and depressions.

Clive is one of the few people in the world who not only knows what is going on, he knows how to fix the problem, and that is why the government has employed his adulterous wife Anamaria Tichatschke and her filthy lawyer Vicki Parry, to take out the solutions Clive brought for all of us.

The only question is whether or not the people will rise up and stand with their neighbor in law and justice.