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Background Video On Clive Boustred & InfoTelesys


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Description:  Introduction to events surrounding the assassination attempt on Clive Boustred by Santa Cruz sheriffs. Did they try to kill Clive because his ex had a stolen million dollar life insurance policy, or was it because Clive was building next generation Internet that competed with the people who own the U.S. government?

The high speed network InfoTelesys was building was to cover the world. Russia had provided 100 launch vehicles and satellite technology along with ITU Spectrum. http://www,

With one gigabit connections anywhere, InfoTelesys could deliver on demand DVD and HDTV content at one thousand times the speed of traditional high speed broadband Internet.

The intriguing censorship of the InfoTelesys plan for Space Station Mir: Key media ancors were aware of InfoTelesys’ plan to convert Space Station Mir into a communications and education satellite. They knew about the Russian governments’ support for the plan. So why did mainstream media censor the plan?

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