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Apathy Authorizes Atrocity

A condition referred to as the "Apathy of the general populous" can best be described as a state of blind ignorance people choose in light of recognizing the truth of facts put before them.  If facts exposing atrocity are acknowledged by these individuals, conscience dictates that they do something about the atrocity.  By ignoring the facts, individuals hope they can escape becoming victims themselves.  Often these people will get highly ignored and even aggressive towards those who expose atrocity.  Expressive adjectives are blown up to be more atrocious than the atrocities themselves.

 "Ignorance is bliss, until you face the consequences." - SOC

The Apathy of the general populous has been seen throughout history.  People turning in their neighbors to the Nazi SS; white South African's during Apartheid; U.S. citizens from the period in 1913 when the privately held Federal Reserve Bank took control of the nation to present.  The ignorance is astonishing:

If the above facts are true, are you prepared to exert your 2nd Amendment rights to enforce the law?

“Tyranny feeds on fear. Tyranny and oppression only survive where there is fear and indifference.” - SOC

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